Early Years Update 6.10.21

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Early Years

Share a book every day - Week commencing 11th October 2021

share a book

Invitation to get involved

During week commencing 11th October 2021 we are hoping to work with you to promote sharing a book with Early Years children every day, with their family and friends or whilst attending your provision.

If you can be involved, we would be very keen to hear about what you are doing so that we can share it with other Early Years providers. Please send anything you would like to share to childrens.information@cumbria.gov.uk

What you have told us so far:

  • Going to provide a lending library for the children and families
  • We will be carrying out different activities throughout the week of the 11th and are excited to see what a difference we can make
  • We had already planned to encourage the sharing of books, so will include ‘Share a book every day’ in our planning
  • Setting up a reading challenge where parents are being asked to upload photos to tapestry of children reading in different places around the house and with different members of their family
  • Family members going into the setting to read/share their child’s favourite book

For more information, please go to our Share a book every day web page

Tell us about what you are doing and see what others have told us: www.facebook.com/ChildrenandFamiliesInformationService

Share a book every day - promotional poster

Food safety advice on choking hazards in settings

Tragically, a child dies in the UK every month from choking and hundreds more require hospital treatment. It can happen quickly and it can happen to anyone.

The Food Standards Agency have issued some useful resources in the form of two posters which can be displayed in your setting where food is prepared and served to children, as a helpful reminder of how to minimise the risk of choking.

Early Years choking hazards poster - food safety advice

Early Years food choking hazards table

The food safety page on the government Help for Early Years Providers website also outlines important messages and links to useful resources regarding keeping children safe whilst eating.

Food safety - Help for early years providers - GOV.UK (education.gov.uk)

Working with parents of children with SEND


We have had a strong interest in the workshops on co-production. If you weren’t able to sign up for these, Contact are offering some free online workshops on working with parents of children with SEND. They are also offering workshops on toilet training for parents and professionals – Working with Parents - workshops for parents and professionals

We are continuing to work with Contact and will be offering an evening workshop specifically for Childminders next year – more details will be announced soon.

Team around the Early Years setting - update on pilot

We have been trialling the ‘Team around the Early Years Setting’ model in Carlisle and Eden since August. We hope that all Providers in those areas are finding the website useful for your key contacts - https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/childrensservices/childrenandfamilies/cfis/earlyyearsandchildcare/teamearlyyears.asp

Thank you to all colleagues who responded to the survey on Early Help practice, which has given us a baseline understanding of confidence and needs for the sector. Key findings include the following:

  • 91% of respondents feel clear about what ‘early help’ means, but only 64% know how to access support when the process stalls or becomes ‘stuck’
  • 86% of respondents understand what is meant by the term ‘Signs of Wellbeing and Success’ but only 59% have initiated an Early Help – Signs of Wellbeing and Success assessment to date
  • Only 55% of respondents reported having good links with your local 0 – 19 Child and Family Support Service and only 68% knew how to contact a local Health Visitor

Unfortunately there have been some glitches with the Facebook page so we have not been able to use this as a means of updating you – we hope this will be up and running properly very soon.

We look forward to working with all colleagues to help build strong networks that support children and families with their emerging needs and will be rolling the model out across the county soon, using learning from the pilot


The Inclusion team have produced two new leaflets for parents of children being assessed, or who already have, an Education, Health and Care plan.

Education Health and Care Plans Section A – a guide for parents and carers.pdf

Amending an EHCP Parents Information.pdf

Home Learning

This week our focus is on the rhyme 'Up the wooden hill to blanket fair'. Please share with parents to support home learning around the development of speech, language and communication.

Chat Play Share: Up the wooden hill to blanket fair

For a range of fun activity ideas for children and families, please share What Can I Do This Week? This week's activities all involve balls. Remember that the activities contained in this communication are for the week starting next Monday.

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Early Years


Effective Communication training – the first of this 3-part training is Wednesday  3rd November 4:00 – 5:30pm

Recorded Training for Early Years Practitioners and Teachers

School Development have 2 pre-recorded training courses listed below, which you can book and view via SLA Online:

Course Title

Course Code

Working with Babies to meet their Unique Needs to Support Practice and Provision

EY 100

Nurturing Wellbeing and Attachment in the Early Years

EY 101

This training is to be booked and viewed online on the bespoke booking system

SLA Online

Upcoming Events


Weds 6th - Carlise/Eden  PVI Manager network 6:30-8:00pm

Weds 6th - Barrow/South Lakes Childminder network 6:30-8:00pm

Thurs 14th - Barrow/South Lakes & Allerdale/Copeland PVI Manager networks 6:30-8:00pm

Tues 19th and Thurs 21st - SENCO networks (virtual) 3:30-5:00 or 6:30-8:00pm

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