CSCP 5 Minute Briefing - Coping with Covid (information for families)

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CSCP 5 minute briefing

Coping with Covid

coping with covid

As we know, children are due to return to school from the 8 March 2021. To help support families we have developed some short videos that can be sent out to families with tips and information on routines, sleep, managing home-schooling and help get ready for the return to school in a positive way. These are aimed at Primary age families.

There is information from a headteacher, 5-19 Public Health Nurses and the best of all...children – who, of course, say it as it is!

Families can watch these together too.

It would be great if the links to the videos could be sent out to families via text, Facebook pages, email, you school website etc – however you find families access your information best.

We have also put together the following to help support families to manage behaviour and give some positive tips on this. There is also information on further support at the end. Parent carer information - coping with Covid 

You can also find all of these and more at

For further information, please contact

Supporting emotional wellbeing and learning needs in the transition back to formal school

back to school

This resource, which collates ideas and materials from many sources both within Cumbria and more widely, aims to support schools in the transition back into school attendance.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - getting back to school | Cumbria County Council

At the time of writing, it is still unclear what the longer term government strategy for the return to school will be, and the extent to which schools and local authorities will be able to design their own approaches.  The logistics are clearly going to be very complicated.  However, this resource has a professional focus:  it is about the needs of the pupils, staff and families and how we, as professionals, can support them.  It tries to suggest support approaches and materials which schools can use flexibly, within their own structure for the return to school.

The resource is intended to be dynamic:  if you tell us about a need or an issue on which you would like advice, we will try to update the resource so as to include it.