Education Planning Group: Schools update... 21 January

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In today's bulletin:

Celebrating schools during lockdown

Working with CASH and PHA we are very keen to ensure that the public sees and hears about the fantastic work that schools are doing at this time.

To that end four Cumbrian schools will be the focus of coverage by BBC Radio Cumbria and ITV Border on Friday. The four schools have provided behind the scenes access to help the media tell as full a story as possible.

All schools can get involved in this celebration of lockdown learning by sharing images and messages on their social media channels using the hashtag #cumbriaschools.

Please get involved and spread the message about the incredible things schools are doing to support children and families.

Reminder: Please complete DfE attendance monitoring

It is really important that all schools complete the daily attendance monitoring requested by the DfE. The Local Authority is not collecting its own data, so the DfE is our only source of information about what is happening in schools.

Currently 75% of schools are completing the return. We are very keen that this increases.


Attendance  Codes

The advice from the DFE is as follows:

  • Pupils who are attending school the normal registration codes should be used /\
  • Pupils not eligible to attend school should be recorded using the X code
  • Pupils who are, clinically vulnerable, clinically extremely vulnerable or shielding should be recorded using the X code
  • Vulnerable children are expected to attend school full time, if they are not attending school the
  • parent should notify the school and this should be recorded using the C code unless another authorised absence code is more appropriate.
  • Vulnerable children who are shielding, self-isolating or required to quarantine the X code should be used
  • Children whose parents are critical workers should be offered a place to attend school but if this place is not required the X code should be used


Children open to social care

As previously, where a child is open to social care, Child Protection Plan or Child in Need, and the child is NOT attending the hub school, please contact the child's Social Worker.

The Social Worker will contact the family to discuss their needs are ensure children are safe and engaging in remote learning.

Currently only around a third of vulnerable children are attending hub school.

Lateral Flow Testing update

Arrangements for Lateral Flow Testing have been high profile and subject to change. Read this briefing from Cumbria's Public Health team to get their latest position.


Cumbria’s Early Years Peer Challenge

At the end of 2019, Cumbria welcomed a team of peer reviewers from across the country to look at our early years services, with a particular focus on speech, language and communication. We are pleased to say that the report can now be released and invite you to read it and the accompanying briefing note which explains the work that is underway to implement the recommendations. We believe that these actions will be more important than ever as a result of the pandemic.

Early Years Peer Challenge Briefing Note

Early Years Peer Challenge Full Report

Fraudulent invoice alert

NAFN has been made aware that a school has been targeted by fraudsters seeking payment of a fake invoice sent via email. At first glance the invoice looks authentic. It purports to be generated by Zonal Retail Data Systems Ltd. Open source checks confirm this is a long established live company with a successful trading history and a presence on the internet. The address stated on the fraudulent invoice is one of the branch offices of this company. However, Zonal is involved in the supply of products/services to the Leisure and Hospitality industry and also appears to be a victim of this fraud.

The email attaching the invoice was received by a member of staff and appeared to have been sent by the Head Teacher of the School. The email requested that the invoice be paid immediately, as it was overdue. Closer inspection revealed that the sending email address was not the