IMPORTANT: Free School Meal Christmas voucher scheme

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IMPORTANT: Update on Christmas Free School Meal vouchers

Schools have now begun to receive information via the Schools Portal about numbers of FSM pupils the council has on it's record for each school.

60 Primary Schools and 7 Secondary Schools have already ordered their vouchers.

It is ESSENTIAL that your school administrative staff have been provided with the information below so they can now take the next steps and begin the process of ordering vouchers.

Christmas Free School Meal voucher system: essential information

The county council has committed to ensuring every benefits-eligible FSM young person is able to access a FSM meal for the 11 days over the Christmas holiday.

To do this the council has commissioned an e-voucher scheme from Wonde. The Wonde system is proven to work well and over half of Cumbrian schools already use Wonde for other purposes.

The vouchers will have a value of £33 for each child and are fully funded by Cumbria County Council using Winter Grant monies.

The Wonde system is simple. Schools upload information on eligible FSM young people and parents/carers are then contacted direct by Wonde with their vouchers. The system also enables a clear audit trail for accounting purposes.

What do schools need to do to access vouchers via Wonde?

  1. Sign up: If your school is not currently using Wonde, simply click here and fill out the form ASAP. Wonde will contact you to install their software which will enable you to launch the voucher system. It is essential the school’s administrator has access to the Management Information system admin and passwords at the time of downloading the software. This will enable an offer to secure immediate installation when the school is contacted by Wonde, which can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Alternatively, a call back will be arranged.
  2. Confirm FSM numbers: In order to ensure the funds allocated to Wonde are sufficient to cover your school numbers, we need you to confirm your FSM numbers. The FSM numbers we hold for your school will be sent to your private folder on the School Portal over the next couple of days. If the number you have is the same or below, please proceed to step 3 below. If your numbers are larger than the number we provide, please contact Jason Spedding immediately on 07774016810 to clarify or email
  3. Order vouchers: Once the system is installed and FSM numbers confirmed you can begin ordering vouchers via Wonde. When asked to choose voucher value on the Wonde system, select ‘custom’ and input £33 (£3 per day for 11 days). When placing the order, select the option ‘send invoice to LA’. We strongly recommend that all vouchers are ordered before 14 December.

What are the arrangements for schools that do not wish to use Wonde?

The Wonde e-voucher scheme is the preferred option due to administration and funding arrangements.

If you do not wish to use the e-voucher scheme because you have an existing local solution, please get in touch with either  Dale Hill or Ez Wealleans  so this can be discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions and Template Parent/Carer letter