Education Planning Group: Schools update... 9 November

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PLEASE NOTE: This update is in addition the usual update which will be issued on Thursday.

Essential travel authorisation letter

Below is a link to a letter signed by the Chief Constable and Chief Executive of Cumbria County Council confirming that the holder of the letter is travelling for work purposes. You may wish to distribute these to your staff.


Important clarification re ventilation in schools

In last Thursday's update a link to an article about the aerosol transmission of COVID-19 was included. This article stressed the importance of ventilation to preventing infection spread.

However, certain specifics of the article were contrary to current Cumbria advice. Please note the clarification below:

The article shared in the Education Update of 5/11/20 regarding ventilation contained advice that conflicts with that provided by HM Government and Cumbria County Council in terms of Fire Safety. 

The current advice provided by Cumbria County Council is; Classroom doors can be left open to provide supplemental ventilation if the door is not a fire door. Fire doors must remain closed.

Under no circumstances should corridor doors and doors opening onto stairwells be held open unless this is done so with an approved device that is linked to the fire alarm system.

Apologies for any confusion caused.