Education Planning Group: Update... 7 August

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In today's update:

A warm welcome

dan barton

Dear Colleagues,

I do hope that you are finding some time to rest and recharge.
I know that we are all planning for a range of scenarios when schools return in September but we need to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves too. Please do make and take some time for you.

One of the key areas to support many of our schools in our planning for September is transport. The transport team has developed a survey, in consultation with PHA and CASH to inform strategy and provision. I recognise that making a request to complete a survey during the holidays is far from ideal, and for some of the questions, colleagues holding the data may be term time only, but if it is possible to complete and return, it will be hugely appreciated.


Dan Barton
Assistant Director, Education and Skills

School transport survey

In supporting the full re-opening of schools and colleges in September the Department for Transport have asked all local authorities to contact schools to assess demand for school and public transport and also to promote sustainable routes to school with regard to social distancing. 

We appreciate that the timing is difficult, however this survey is designed to capture as much information as possible before the start of the new academic year. This will assist the Council with implementing measures to improve travel options and also liaise with the relevant partner organisations. If you’re able to respond to this survey by Friday 21 August this would be very much appreciated however all responses are valuable so please complete as soon as practicable.

Please click here to complete the on-line survey on Survey Monkey. 

You may find it useful to print off and read through the questions on the attached document before completing the survey so that you know what we are asking for.

It may not be possible for you to complete the survey in full by the deadline of 21 August, specifically questions 12 and 13. However, it is possible to revisit the survey at a later date to provide this information (but you must use the same computer/device to do so) by simply click on the link above and completing these questions, followed by clicking the ‘Done – thank you for completing this survey’ button at the bottom of the survey.

We will be contacting you again in September/October with a request that you send out a letter  to parents (we will send you a template parent letter) asking them to complete an online mode of travel survey.  We will send you a link to the survey which will also be in the template parent letter.

Equality impact assessment guidance for schools

As mentioned in our update last week, we have created an equality impact assessment (EIA) in draft form which has been useful for us in making planning decisions so far and which we would encourage schools to use in your own local planning. 

Public Health England's report into disparities in COVID-19 shows the following groups at greater risk of mortality:

  • BAME groups,
  • men aged 50+, older people,
  • People with certain underlying health conditions.

This EIA sets out how the school opening process will need to consider the impact of plans on these groups, and how potential negative impacts will be mitigated in line with DfE Guidance.

Key recommendations for schools include:

  • Schools to consider adopting an approach to staff risk assessment in line with the approach being developed by the County Council’s Workforce EIA;
  • Schools to consider staff, pupils and households;
  • Schools to consider data on BAME pupils and EAL pupils when planning reopening;
  • School to work with Public Health and the Early Help process to identify and put in place support for children with underlying health conditions.

COVID-19 guidance for supply agencies, Head Teachers and supply teachers

Our Public Health team has developed guidance on the considerations schools need to take on safe working in education in relation to supply teaching.

The guidance is based national Public Health guidance and includes important actions that children and young people, their parents and carers, and those who work with them (including supply staff), can take to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and the process for managing suspected cases of COVID-19.