COVID-19: Early Years update... 22 June

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Education planning over the summer

We would like to update you that schools in Cumbria have received correspondence from Senior Leaders which clearly states that there is no expectation for schools in the county to remain open over the summer holiday period.

We are aware that the situation for each Early Years Provider is unique and that you will be starting to making plans whilst awaiting further guidance and updates from the Government. We will continue to work with you as you plan ahead for the summer period and beyond.

Healthy Families Cumbria Pledge

We have received some queries from Early Years Providers about next steps for the Healthy Families Cumbria pledge.  We have not been able to progress with the planned Summer Term network meetings in libraries but please look out for information about virtual network meetings which will be taking place in July.

Please keep in touch via our Facebook page (Healthy Families Cumbria Pledge) and you can download a workbook from our website and start/continue to complete it:

There are several different ways that you can become  PANCO (physical activity and nutrition coordinator) for early years – Purple Bee (see below) have some good resources and the option for people to work towards the L4 qualification during lockdown:

We would also recommend signing up to the Active Matters physical development email updates:

Active Cumbria have been busy providing updates and information on physical activity for all ages on their website too:

Support for Early Years Providers from Famly

Famly are continuing to offer free online conferences to support Early Years Providers during the pandemic. The latest conference which includes reflections from several CEOs and Nursery Directors on their experiences of reopening is available here.