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schools update

Guide to completing the daily survey for attendance of vulnerable children

Many thanks to all schools who completed our new daily attendance survey for vulnerable children today. We very much hope that our guidance yesterday helped with this:

  • Find your unique pupil list on the school portal 
  • Print it off
  • Access the attendance survey on the following link:
  • Answer the short questions and input the unique identifiers for your vulnerable children

To assist with the process, we have also pulled together a simple step by step guide to assist with completing this daily task:

1. Find your school’s unique pupil list on the school portal

Go to the School Portal home page with the ‘Private files’ link highlighted:

guide 1

The Private files page will show a link to the school’s private library on the left and the 10 latest uploads to the school’s library on the right:

guide 2

Your school’s own private library with the uploaded file will be displayed at the top. This is in date order, so the last uploaded file will always appear at the top:

guide 3

2. Print off this excel spreadsheet which will contain the unique 5 character identifier codes for vulnerable children attending your school in column D:

guide 4

3. Access the attendance survey on the following link:

guide 5

4. Please input the unique 5 character identifier codes for your vulnerable children in the field for question 5. Please do not enter anything other than these codes in this field and enter each code exactly (for example P1234) using a separate line for each code:

guide 6

Please could all schools aim to complete their return by 3.00pm. All schools must submit this survey, regardless of whether or not you have any vulnerable children in and a nil return will be included in the attendance report.

Please find a printable version of this guide here.