COVID-19: Schools Update - 3 June

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schools update

Latest update for all schools - 3 June

dan barton

Dear All,

I wish to start by saying thank you as always for the work you are doing to support children across Cumbria, both in and out of school.

I know as we enter the new phase of reopening schools to more year groups that you will be facing fresh daily challenges. We are here to support you and our conversation with the DfE, challenging the complexity of its daily attendance return, continues. 

In the meantime, they are beginning to ask about attendance rates now too and I would urge colleagues to please complete the DfE attendance return on a daily basis, until we have some further clarity on the matter. 

We know that the safety and emotional wellbeing of staff and children continue to be your main priority and there are updates relating to both in today's bulletins. 

Thanks and take care,

Dan Barton, Assistant Director - Education and Skills

Cumbria County Council

Managing school toilets during the Coronavirus outbreak

There have been some questions raised regarding lids for toilets. The LA model risk assessment includes a potential control measure that toilets should be flushed with the lid down. We recognise that many school toilets do not have lids therefore rather than replacing the toilet seats with lidded ones, it would be sufficient to ensure that the control measures you have in place for use of the toilet are very robust.

These could include instructions to the children to move away from the toilet as soon as it has been flushed, more frequent cleaning of the toilets and most important of all ensuring that strict hand hygiene measures are observed following every visit to the toilet. 

The same robust measures of course would still apply where there are toilets with lids. PHE have not issued any specific guidance around the use of toilets and the potential control measure to put the lid down is a good practice measure. There is no implication or requirement that all toilets must have lids.

Getting back to school: supporting emotional wellbeing and learning needs in the transition back to formal schooling

Some support materials for schools and settings are now available as a webpage on the CCC website here.

This resource, which we intend to develop as time goes on, focuses on the emotional and learning needs of the pupils, and has materials and strategies to use with pupils, families and staff. Please use and adapt these as you wish, and share the link with others. If you have other materials which you would like to be included, there is a form on the webpage to enable you to submit them.