COVID-19: Schools Update - Important - HR Advice - 15 May

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schools update

Important update for schools - May 15

HR advice

This communication is released ahead of the scheduled bulletin later today due to its urgency.

It has come to our attention that a number of schools have issued a questionnaire to staff to gather information to enable plans for possible re-opening of schools to take place. Some of these questionnaires make reference to the potential for unauthorised, unpaid leave in very specific circumstances, if staff refuse to return. This section of questionnaires has been heavily criticised by union colleagues.  

CCC have subsequently discussed this issue with local HR providers. As a county council, we are clear that conversations about unauthorised leave/unpaid leave as a consequence are inappropriate in the current climate and it is our advice that such discussions should not take place. This will remain our position unless any national guidance is issued which supercedes this. 

These are unprecedented times and all staff will be fully supported according to their own individual circumstances and will not fear loss of pay as a result of the COVID situation. Each school should still continue to work with its staff to ascertain the key information needed in the questionnaire.

We will work closely with HR providers in the county next week to ensure that a consistent message in relation to advice is given wherever possible.