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Update for early years settings - 27 April

New schedule for your bulletins

Thank you for your continued dedication to support young children and their families during these unusual and unprecedented times. Your commitment to work together to maintain necessary provision, find solutions and support families is invaluable.

As shared last week, these bulletins will now be coming to you on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please look out for our updates, as they will contain important advice and guidance on our response to the Covid-19 situation.

Update - Early Years Foundation Stage

Temporary changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage come into force from today. Please do keep an eye out for further guidance from the Government and please make sure that you review the materials available here .

Transition to school

Starting school is a time of such significance for young children and their families. We know that you will be starting to think about how different this may have to be for families in 2020 if schools and settings remain closed.

Guidance and top tips for settings and parents are currently being developed by the Early Years Team to support transition for all children under the current circumstances where usual transition practices may not be able to take place.

The transition document is being reviewed to support with this and will be shared via the Early Years website and further communication.

Family Wellbeing

We have been impressed by the way in which early years sector colleagues want to continue to support those families whose children remain at home – this is shown by the way in which you are sharing the daily home learning activities on the Children and Families Information Service Facebook page

The University of Chichester have made an early years education guide available to parents and carers for free, which provides information to families around supporting their child across the EYFS areas of learning. Please share this with your parents and carers.

Checks if your setting is closed

If your setting is closed we would recommend that you check your insurance to ensure you are complying with the terms and conditions of your policy to manage your premises.

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