COVID-19: Schools Update - Amendment to PPE request form- 22 April

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schools update

Latest update for all schools - 22 April

PPE request form - amended

Apologies we sent out the wrong PPE request form earlier today and ask that you kindly use the one attached instead.

Please note that the attached form must be sent by Thursday 11am to enable assessment. Applicants will receive notification of what can be provided by noon on Friday, hoping to deliver the same day or by Monday morning.

Please send your completed forms to Judith Chandler -

Important update re FAQ’s on supplier payments (including FSM/UFSM)

A reminder to complete our data collection form

Please complete and submit the survey each day before 11am. Please only complete this survey if you are open and providing provision. If you are working as part of a schools hub, the lead hub should complete the survey and report all children that attend. Do not submit a survey if you are closed, or the children from your school now attend another Childcare and Learning Hub.

Due to a steady increase in demand and context of those attending, we appreciate that the hub and stand-alone structures will change. This does place some challenge in updating the survey. If you cannot find your details in a drop down menu or feel that the drop down does not include your correct details, please use the standalone section to submit your return and use the comments to clarify. Please be assured, these are read each day and LIS General Advisers will follow up with you. We ask for your patience if the form is not accurately showing the context of your own hub/school immediately after your return.

Please continue to complete the DfE data return alongside our own form. We are  not providing data to the DfE. This is something of a duplication, I know, but necessary. The DfE site will be feeding us information which is 24 hours out of date, and will not allow us to support and co-ordinate support for hubs in real time. 



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