Domestic Abuse

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Csab 5 min Briefing

 21st April 2020

Covid 19 - update

Cumbria Safeguarding Adults Board have been working together with our partners to signpost to information and support available both locally and nationally for victims of domestic abuse during covid-19 and the period of lockdown.  We will continue to share updates through these briefings, our website and on social media @cumbriasab

Domestic Abuse

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The government acknowledges that the order for people to stay at home can cause anxiety for those who are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse. There is never an excuse for domestic abuse, no matter what the circumstances are. GOV UK have issued guidance for anyone suffering from domestic abuse with free and confidential advice available 24 hours a day on a dedicated helpline 0808 2000 247

Support & how to report

For anyone who feels they are at risk of abuse, it is important to remember that there is still help and support available, including police response, online support, helplines, refuges and other services. If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse, isolation rules do not apply.

If you need to speak to someone regarding domestic abuse or would like to make a report please call 101, or use the online reporting form here. Always call 999 in an emergency. 


Facebook Q & A sessions

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Cumbria Police together with partner agencies including Health, NSPCC, Victim Support, and Adult Social Care have launched a domestic abuse question and answer session on Facebook. A panel of safeguarding experts work together to answer domestic abuse related questions from the public via the Cumbria Police Facebook page. This includes the option to send a private message where people wish to remain anonymous, or the facility to post a question on the Cumbria Police Facebook Wall

Dan StQuintin

Following the first Panel on 15th April 2020 Detective Chief Inspector Dan St. Quintin said:  ‘"Today we reached over 10,000 people and we now know about two new victims of domestic abuse who we are supporting. This new channel of communication has been successful and more web chats will be arranged. In the meantime, I urge anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse to come forward and report their experiences. I also urge any friends, family members or colleagues to report any concerns they have on 101. Always ring 999 in an emergency.

For Cumbria Constabulary it is business as usual for domestic abuse regardless of Coronavirus. Domestic abuse is a key priority for the constabulary and we are good at responding to it. Please report it. We will keep you and your family safe".

Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said  "It is vital now, more so than ever, that people are aware of the Domestic Abuse services operating in Cumbria during the Covid-19 lockdown. This weekly on-line session is another valuable service for people to gain advice and information about domestic abuse support available in the county"

The Q&A session will be held again next Wednesday 22nd April from 3-5pm on the Cumbria Police Facebook Page

Please visit Cumbria Police dedicated webpage for more information.

Silent Solution 55

Silent solution 55 is the name given to the initiative which allows people to call 999 when they are in danger which means they cannot speak.   When you phone 999 the operator will ask what emergency service you need. If there is no answer, the operator will then ask you to cough, or make another audible sign that you're in need of police assistance.

If you're in too much danger to make any sound at all, the call will be put through to an automated system which asks the caller to press 55 if they're in danger. If 55 isn't dialled, the police will not be dispatched. The police have been using the system for more than 15 years in order to help operators identify which calls are genuine and which are accidental. 

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Guidance for Practitioners

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The Local Government Association (LGA) in partnership with Association of Directors of Social Services (ADASS) has published guidance for managers and practitioners dealing with cases of domestic abuse and overlaps with safeguarding. This guide sets out the overlaps between safeguarding and domestic abuse and the approaches and legal frameworks for domestic abuse that can be used in the safeguarding context.

Bright Sky app

This app enables people experiencing domestic abuse to record an online journal with no trace of the evidence appearing on their phones. Bright Sky also provide specialist support and advice for people experiencing domestic abuse. 

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Safety Planning

Victim Support

Victim Support have developed advice for anyone currently experiencing domestic abuse and coercive control who may feel even more isolated and frightened than usual while families are social distancing or having to self-isolate. This includes information on how to stay safe and safety planning in the event they are in immediate danger.

Support Services in Cumbria

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No one deserves to suffer in silence and so partners across Cumbria are working with services who support victims of domestic abuse during Covid-19. Information relating to these services has also been shared with residents across Cumbria via local Co-ordination hubs.  Our front line services will signpost victims to support services which are still operational.