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Csab 5 min Briefing

 14th April 2020

Covid-19 update

People First launch new phone service; Keeping People Connected

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People First have been working with NHS England and other partner organisations to put in place a new Covid-19 support service for people with learning disabilities or autism called 'Keeping People connected'. 

The service includes check and chat calls from specialist advocacy staff who will work with a person to understand and assess their current situation, including issues such as health and well-being, food supplies, medication, support needs and ensure they understand the current situation regarding lockdown and shielding.

Adults are then supported through regular ‘check and chat’ calls during the week, and signposted to more specialist statutory services if needed.

This ensures that any safeguarding concerns can be addressed rapidly. 

If you know someone who could benefit from this service please contact

Covid-19: easy read guides

During these unusual times it’s important that we all are informed with up-to-date reliable and trustworthy information. People First have collected easy read information and valuable resources from a range of respected sources to support adults with a learning disability to stay connected and informed of Covid-19.  This includes general information about what to do if they are ill, how to protect themselves and others along with how to care for their own mental health and stay connected.

You can access these resources here.

Please help us to support those who would benefit from this essential easy read information and share.

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