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schools update

Latest update for all schools March 27

dan barton

Dear All,

What a week… I’ve said thank you to all of you and your staff members over the course of the week, and I must repeat that now.

We have been on an incredible journey in the county over the last two weeks. As a partnership, we’ve effectively redesigned the education and care systems, at the same time as dealing with an unprecedented crisis.

See below for all the details you need, and thanks again.


Dan Barton, Assistant Director - Education and Skills
Cumbria County Council

Latest hub information ahead of Monday's launch

A total of 41 schools and nine early years settings are confirmed now to be up and running from Monday (March 30) to provide essential childcare for our key workers.

Schools can now share the list of hubs with parents who have a place at their hub and also send out a letter to confirm which childcare hub their children will be attending (if you haven't already done so). 

Please click here to find an examplar letter for parents, which you can populate with your school's information and send to parents; along with a map of their locations in Barrow, Carlisle, Kendal and countywide.

If key worker parents contact you direct, who have not registered with a hub, please direct them to our public webpage where they need to register a requirement for childcare from today, with requests being dealt with from Monday. 

Hub lead support this weekend

We appreciate the great lengths everyone has gone to in setting up the Hub system for key worker childcare. The current situation requires us all to operate in highly changeable and unpredictable conditions, with very little certainty to support future planning.

To support Hub Leads, the Learning Improvement Service is providing the following contact details for anyone who requires advice over the weekend period. Although we have provided as much guidance as possible in recent CCC updates, please do not hesitate to call if there is anything you would like to discuss further:

Saturday 28 March:
Marie Barnes – Senior Adviser -  07929 164 808                   

Sunday 29 March:
Calum Campbell – General Adviser – 0797 144 6057           

Insurance cover for schools

In our guidance for hubs, we have recommended that hubs make their insurance providers aware of their change in role. It is our understanding that:

There should not be an insurance cover issue for hub arrangements at LA schools regarding personal injury claims. Zurich’s definition of ‘employee’ is wide and includes volunteers and people hired/borrowed from other employers (see below).

Employee: Any natural person who is:

  1. a) under a contract of service or apprenticeship with the insured
  2. b) a labour master or labour only subcontractor or persons supplied by any of them
  3. c) self-employed
  4. d) under a work experience or similar scheme
  5. e) hired or borrowed by the insured from another employer
  6. f) volunteering to assist or co-opted to assist the insured

and working for the insured in connection with the business while under the insured’s direct control or supervision.

In the case where staff from other schools are working in the hubs that is located at an academy or at a private school:

Most academies are either insured through the Dept of Education’s Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) scheme or by an insurer. Private schools will have insurance arranged with an insurer. Therefore:

  • In respect of hubs at private schools and academies insured with an insurer - the school should check the position with their insurer.
  • In respect of academies covered through the DofE’s RPA scheme, the definition of ‘employee’ under the scheme includes volunteers and any person hired to, borrowed by or supplied to the academy therefore this should be adequate. The RPA cover details can be viewed online at:

Cleaning arrangements for hubs

Most hubs will now be aware of the cleaning plans for their premises. If you do not have cleaning arrangements in place for Monday, please contact Calum Campbell as soon as possible:
Mobile: 0797 144 6057 

Infection control and Health and Safety advice

We have released guidance over the course of the week for schools operating this week and for priority Childcare Hubs going forward, in relation to disease control in settings. The national guidance is of course to continue to practise social distancing as far as is possible, and to observe good hygiene through thorough hand washing.

Earlier guidance about routines for safe removal and washing of clothing is not part of national guidance, but is one of many pieces of advice which are circulating at the moment, which essentially recommend that colleagues take prudent steps, wherever possible, to limit spread, especially given the context of schools.

Our advice, in addition to the national standard guidance, will continue to be that colleagues should continue to carry out dynamic risk assessments as part of their work, and take those steps which they believe are the most prudent to limit spread. At any point, if specific advice or clarification is required in relation to Health and Safety or disease control measures, please contact our Health and Safety team or your provider directly.

Google classroom

Phil Cooper, Head Teacher of Brough Community Primary School, has contacted us offering support to any schools which would like advice on using the Google Classrooms home schooling system. 

Please have a read through of the proposal Phil has sent through Phil's proposal for managing Google Classroom  and G-Suite and if you would like further information or support, please email Phil at
or watch him on YouTube here.

He has also set up a page on his school website, where he will post useful links and more YouTube tutorials.

A reminder to complete our data collection form

It is essential that we monitor demand for childcare on a daily basis. Please ensure you continue complete our attendance data form each day and return to Cumbria County Council:



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