CSCP 5 Minute Briefing : "ASK" Workshops in Cumbria - Assessing for Suicide in Kids

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CSCP 5 minute briefing

"ASK" Workshops in Cumbria - Assessing for Suicide in Kids

ASK workshops

"ASK" Workshops specifically address suicide risk in children aged 5-14 giving participants developmentally appropriate strategies and support tools.

Every Life Matters will be hosting two one-day “ASK” workshops during March;

  • 10th March – Queen Katherine School – Kendal
  • 25th March – Ewanrigg Community Centre - Maryport

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About the "ASK" Workshop

Developed in Canada by Lifeline Workshops, and the Team behind ASIST, the "ASK" Workshop, Assessing for Suicide in Kids, is the only suicide prevention workshop that specifically addresses suicide risk in children and gives participants developmentally appropriate strategies and tools to identify young children at risk of suicide and quickly gather and organize key details needed to assess risk and inform safety planning.

Without help, children thinking of suicide may become teens who act on those thoughts. In just one day, we can teach you what to look for, how to respond, and what to do, that can make a life-saving difference for a child at risk of suicide.

“ASK” is being delivered for the first time in Cumbria by Every Life Matters, a local suicide prevention and suicide bereavement support charity.


  • The one-day “ASK” workshop challenges commonly held notions about childrens’ capacity to consider suicide.
  • It facilitates awareness of the signs that a young child may be at risk and what is needed to help. Case studies and simulations provide opportunities to apply what is learned.
  • A brief screening tool guides helpers to determine risk and make appropriate referral connections.
  • A helper tool teaches how to organize and summarize the available information about a given child in a form that can be used by someone, perhaps the participants themselves, in safety planning.
  • Common challenges in working with parents and possible solutions are addressed through guided simulations and discussion.
  • Participants are typically helpers who routinely come into contact with children age 5-14.

Learning objectives

The desired learning outcomes of The "ASK" Workshop are that participants will:

  • recognize how a child’s understandings of death and suicide may be implicated in risk;
  • become aware of the ways children at risk of suicide communicate their need for help;
  • recognize factors that may increase suicide risk and those that may mitigate it;
  • know how to work with both in order to formulate the basis of a plan for safety;
  • recognize the need to enlist the support of others to develop a plan for safety;
  • understand and be able to meet common challenges in working with parents to facilitate safety.

Participants of The "ASK" Workshop leave better equipped to reduce the risk of suicide and enlist help for young children.

Workshop process

The "ASK" Workshop successfully blends a variety of teaching and learning modalities including mini-lecture, Socratic dialogue, video, small group work, guided simulations, and case studies. Led by one facilitator, from 12 to 36 participants can comfortably work through the material together. Participants receive a colour workbook, pocket reference, risk assessment worksheet that can be re-ordered at no cost, and certificate of completion.

The workshop runs 9.00-5.00 on one day for up to 25 participants and will be delivered by Every Life Matters Associate Trainer Alice Newton-Leeming, and accredited ASK trainer former National Training Development Manager with Papyrus.

Cost is £100. Lunch and refreshments are provided.


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