Cumbria LSCB Newsletter - May's edition

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Language that cares

TACT have developed a project on Language that Cares : Changing the way professionals talk about 'Children in Care'.

Online safety guides for parents and carers


National Online Safety have provided the most up to date guides for social media apps and platforms for parents and carers to help keep children safe.

National Online Safety guides for parents and carers 

Adverse Childhood Experiences could be affecting 1 in 2 adults in Cumbria


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are the focus of this year’s Public Health Annual Report from Cumbria's Director of Public Health which was has been published online at

This year’s Public Health Annual Report describes what ACEs are and the impact that they can have on both individuals and communities and attempts to estimate the scale of the problem in Cumbria. ACEs can include issues that affect a child or young person directly, such as abuse or neglect, or indirectly through the environment they live in. The report explores what can be done to prevent ACEs and to mitigate against their effects. Finally, it identifies the work that is being done across Cumbria to address this problem and makes recommendations for future strategy.

Read the report in full

LSCB Scaling Tool updated

scaling too

The LSCB scaling tool has now been updated. The tool is a reference tool for professionals and is embedded within the multi-agency thresholds guidance.

Hate Crime Campaign - guide for partners

The government is committed to tackling hate crime. Hate crime not only
has a harmful effect on its victims by attacking who they are as individuals
because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender
identity, but also on their families and communities.

The Hate Crime campaign, which previously launched in October 2019, will
be re-run across England and Wales from 25 March 2019 for approximately 4 weeks. The public awareness campaign aims to educate the general public
on what a hate crime is. It will help to increase awareness and understanding
of what constitutes a hate crime, as many people think a hate crime is just
about race and religion or physical violence.

Further information - Hate Crime Campaign - guide for partners

Supporting Transgender Young People

'Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe whose self-image of their gender differs from the sex that was assigned to them at birth. 

The fact that a child has gender identify issues is not, of itself, a safeguarding issue. Such children may, however, be subject to prejudice, discrimination and misunderstanding, which can have a detrimental effect upon quality of life, and physical and mental health.

The LSCB has published on their website information to help and support professionals 

Supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools

The Anna Freud Centre has recently published a booklet Supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools: engaging with all parents and carers which explores a range of ways for schools to help children by engaging with parents and carers to improve children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. The booklet also includes tips as well as case studies showing both parent and schools’ perspectives.

Modern Slavery in Rural Areas - a guide to spotting the signs

A guide has been produced to help if you think you have spotted the signs of modern slavery or labour exploitation concerns.

Modern Slavery in Rural Areas - a guide to spotting the signs 

Bruising in babies

Accidental bruising in a non-independently mobile baby is very rare.

Any bruising (or a mark that might be bruising) in a baby or child of any age who is not independently mobile should raise concern and be subject to further enquiry by all professionals. 

For further information please refer to the LSCB website 'Bruising in Babies'

Victim Support new integrated service

victim support

Victim Support is delighted to announce that it has been commissioned by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner to support victims of crimes for the next three years. 

The new integrated service commences on 1st May 2019 and will support ALL victims of crime (whether they have reported to the police or not). This includes domestic and sexual violence, hate crime, children and young people and anti-social behaviour. 

For further information and contact details - Cumbria Integrated Service For Victims of Crime 

Practitioner Forums


Attendance at Practitioner Forums is really positive, numbers of professionals that attend is growing. 

'Thank you very much for the help and support of the Practitioners Forum.  It has been a great place for getting to know people and agencies working with families and of course the training has been very useful' Barrow attendee.

Themes for this include: 

  • FGM
  • Scaling Tool
  • Criminal Exploitation and County Lines
  • Escalation Policy
  • Chronologies and Genograms

For more information including dates, please see the LSCB website here