LSCB 5 Minute Briefing : Early Help Update (April 2018)

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lscb 5 min briefing

Early Help Update

early help update

We are continuing to see evidence of how Early Help is being used across Cumbria and partner agencies to measure and respond to some of the problems being experienced by Children and Young people in our communities. On a day to day basis the Early Help Officers are responding to requests for advice and support in all aspects of the process from signposting to paperwork and support documents – to invitations to attend complex TAF’s or requests to refer to the Early Help panels. They welcome this contact as it helps to strengthen and maintain the support Young People and their families get at that early stage. There are three areas we would like to highlight that will assist in measuring the quality and impact of all the work that is taking place.


We are required to audit Early Help Assessments on a monthly basis – and we use the resulting information to identify areas of good practice as well as areas to strengthen via training. You may be asked to send an assessment, plan and review for audit and Ros Rowcroft our EHO with this responsibility will work with you to look at how to carry out the audit and provide feedback in a way that meets requirements and that is useful to you.


In 2017 we carried out a data cleanse after recognising that we had a large number of EHA’s that had not been closed at the conclusion of the process – for whatever reason. You may have been contacted as part of this to ask if an EHA was still active. In order to avoid this building up again EHO’s on a monthly basis are reviewing the list of EHA’s that were opened 12 months previously and still show as being open. They are identifying assessments that need to be closed but also some that are drifting and coordinators are telling them that they welcome their input in reviewing the plan. For other assessments it is appropriate for them to remain open for a variety of reasons. Therefore someone may be in touch in coming months.


From the Tracking process we are identifying that often when an Early Help episode ends the process is followed – however the closure form is not submitted and therefore it appears to remain open on the Early Hep Module, this could result in the coordinator being contacted by eg the Safeguarding Hub for an update, often delaying their response to a Safeguarding referral. So the request is to close any EHA’s that you are currently aware are still open when in fact it is inactive. This also gives us a clear idea of outcomes achieved by your individual assessment – but also by Early Help overall.

As ever please do not hesitate to contact an EHO if you require any help or advice on any aspect of the process.