LSCB 5 Minute Briefing - Better Together Events (2018) PLACES STILL AVAILABLE

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lscb 5 min briefing

Better Together Events

better together events

To build on the Better Together events from 2016, the LSCB are holding a second series of multi-agency partnership events.

Using the experience of the child's journey in the safeguarding system, we will be exploring the developments that have taken place since 2016’s 'Better Together' events.

The events will be a platform to;

  • highlight the changes in the Early Help offer
  • provide an overview of the developments within the Early Help and Family Support Panels
  • focus on where the Hub is placed in the safeguarding system
  • reflect on when and how to use the Hub to best effect
  • provide an update on key learning from across the LSCB

The LSCB use these opportunities to find out what your experiences are of the safeguarding system to drive out developments into 2018.

Please note: The workshops start promptly at 2pm and finish at 4pm, participants are expected to stay for the whole sessions as these are not drop in events.

We are booking these events through Eventbrite, please follow the link below for your preferred venue.

Kendal – 5 February 2018

Workington – 8 February 2018

Carlisle – 9 February 2018

What attendees have said so far:

‘Information was clear, concise and useful- helpful opportunities to discuss practice through case studies were provided.’

‘Thought the event was very good and informed everyone there when to and when not to contact the safeguarding hub.’

‘I now understand how to contact the Early Help Panel for advice.’