Cumbria LSCB 5 Minute Briefing - LSCB Practitioner Survey

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lscb 5 min briefing

LSCB Practitioner Survey

survey results

This year the survey ran from 31 March to 15 May 2017, and was responded to by 413 professionals from across the LSCB. Thank you for completing the survey your voice helps to guide our work.

Just over half (57%) of respondents said they felt confident that multi-agency safeguarding procedures are working effectively.

  • We have continued to provide a programme of multi-agency safeguarding training
  • we are rolling out Signs of Safety as a new way of working;
  • a new Early Help Strategy for 2017-21 has been launched;  
  • embedded Early and Family Support Panels;
  • practice sessions have been delivered at the Practitioner Forums; 
  • updated the website with clear guidance around accessing the Hub

77% of respondents feel confident about completing an Early Help Assessment (EHA). 

  • Did you know that the Early Help Team Officers can provide support and bespoke training to those who require it? Further information is available on the Early Help section of our website

85% of professionals said they knew who their designated lead is for safeguarding and 87% of professionals said they were aware of what the designated safeguarding lead’s role is.

95% of professionals said they took family history into consideration; however recent audits demonstrated there is insufficient evidence of analysis of how that history is relevant to the assessment and plan going forwards.

  • DA training continues to be a priority ;
  • DA Risk identification matrix training to be rolled out from February 2018;
  • Conference March 2018 engaging with hard to engage families which will look at the impact of child trauma;

61% felt that outcomes for children and families were only “sometimes” clear.

  • A guidance document on planning has been written, have you read it?;
  • Training is more focussed on SMART planning;
  • SMART planning sessions have been delivered at the Practitioner Forums

Last year 74% felt that children and young people were appropriately involved in safeguarding decisions which affected them. Plans and assessments should contain the views, wishes and feelings of the child/young person so that we understand their lived experience. 

  • The EHA template has been updated to help better capture the child’s wishes and feelings;
  • The LSCB Young Perspectives Board have held forums consulting with young people and have influenced the LSCB priorities

89% said they were able to escalate concerns appropriately when you have intelligence that a child or young person is misusing substances.

84% of staff had accessed LSCB training and 85% of those who had accessed training said they felt it had helped to change or improve their practice. In 2017 the LSCB have;

  • held a themed conference on neglect (link);
  • refreshed and added new courses to our training programme;
  • developed a Whole System Workforce Development Offer - Emotional Health & Wellbeing Training;
  • developed a Domestic Abuse training offer