Cumbria LSCB Newsletter - November 2017

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LSCB Annual Report and Business Plan

The Cumbria LSCB have certainly been busy over the past year, it has published its 2016-17 Annual Report along with the new LSCB Business Plan for 2017-20, which has been agreed and signed off by Board along with a new set of priorities for the county.

The plan describes an ambitious but achievable plan for the continuing improvements to develop the safeguarding of Cumbria's children and young people over the next three years. The Board is committed to a continuous improvement journey, and is constantly ensuring that it, and the many dedicated staff in the constituent agencies, are constantly learning and developing to deliver improved safeguarding services.

We encourage you to read both of the documents to ensure professionals in Cumbria are aware of the Board priorities and activities.

Cumbria LSCB Annual Report / Business Plan

Early Help Strategy

The Early Help Strategy has been refreshed to enable a proportionate response to children and families emerging needs empowering and supporting them. The strategy can be found on the LSCB website.

Our vision for Early Help in Cumbria is that “Early Help in Cumbria develops resilience and independence of families, by supporting them to build on their strengths and encourages them to identify their own solutions and take responsibility for their future and that of their children.”

Early Help is the term we use to describe a continuum of service response based on the needs of families from preventative and universal services to targeted and edge of care to ensure that children and families are offered the right help at the right time, in the right place and by the right person. The model of Early Help in Cumbria can be found in the Strategy.

Work is now underway to develop an action plan to ensure that the Strategy is effectively implemented. This is being driven by the LSCB Early Help sub-group. .

Practitioner Forums

practitioner forums

The November Practitioner Forums will have practice development sessions on Information Sharing.   Practitioner Forums help people who work with children and young people learn from each other, understand each other’s’ roles and responsibilities and what local provision is available in each part of the county.

There are seven Practitioner Forums up and running, one in each district area. They’re free to attend. Why not give your local forum a try, there’s no need to book just come along. 

Cumbria LSCB - Practitioner Forums

Signs of Safety

signs of safety

Signs of Safety is an innovative strengths-based, safety-organised approach to child protection casework.  The approach focuses on the question "How can the worker build partnerships with parents and children in situations of suspected or substantiated child abuse and still deal rigorously with the maltreatment issues?"  This strengths-based and safety-focused approach to child protection work is grounded in partnership and collaboration.  It expands the investigation of risk to encompass strengths and Signs of Safety that can be built upon to stabilise and strengthen a child's and family's situation.

Although it was primarily developed as an approach to working with child protection, it is equally applicable to early Help.

For more information see our updated website here 

Neglect Practice Champions

Collaboration amongst practitioners from all agencies is vital to ensure the early recognition and identification of the signs and symptoms of neglect. With this in mind the LSCB would like you to become a Neglect Practice Champion for your agency. We want to establish a network to improve community and agency responses to Child Neglect.

The LSCB will hold one network event a year and our launch event will be on 11th December. As a neglect practice champion you can do as little or as much as your role will allow you to do. Examples include; raise awareness of neglect to your team and throughout your organisation, receive and disseminate information regarding Neglect; promote the use of the Graded Care Profile tool. We have developed a role profile.

We want people who feel passionate about addressing the issue of neglect in Cumbria and improving practice across the LSCB partnership in relation to this area. If you would like to become a neglect Practice Champion email LSCB office -  

Guidance on Modern Slavery

modern slavery

The Home Office has published guidance on modern slavery to help public sector workers who may not routinely come across modern slavery to recognise the signs and respond appropriately. The guide includes information on: legislation; the types of modern slavery; victims; and signs to look out for.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)


A growing body of research is revealing the long-term impacts that experiences and events during childhood have on individuals’ life chances. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) such as abuse, neglect and dysfunctional home environments have been shown to be associated with the development of a wide range of harmful behaviours including smoking, harmful alcohol use, drug use, risky sexual behaviour, violence and crime. They are also linked to diseases such as diabetes, mental illness, cancer and cardiovascular disease, and ultimately to premature mortality.

This short animated film has been developed by Public Health Wales and Blackburn with Darwen Local Authority to raise awareness of ACEs, their potential to damage health across the life course and the roles that different agencies can play in preventing ACEs and supporting those affected by them.

Volunteering and Independent Visitors


NYAS in Cumbria is looking for people who would like volunteer to give some of their time to mentoring and befriending children and young people in care in Cumbria. 

Our Independent Visitor Programme matches volunteers with children and young people who are looked after in Cumbria. Each volunteer is matched with a child or young person in care in their local area. The volunteers commit to spending time with their young person each month – helping them to engage in new experiences, share interests and hobbies and have fun. 

If you would like more details please contact Terry Smith (Independent Visitor Service Coordinator) 07436 561476 or email


Graded Care Profile


A key priority for the implementation of the LSCB Neglect Strategy is for all practitioners who work with families who experience neglect to be trained to use the Graded care profile tool. This course is directed at practitioners and managers who work with children and families that experience neglect.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Be able to understand the challenges of identifying neglect in practice settings with children and young people and considering their 'lived lives'.
  •  Being able to identify children and young people at risk of Neglect
  • Understand the use of and practical application of the Graded Care Profile when working alongside families to assess and effect change when neglect is an issue.

Parental Mental Health

This workshop is intended for all professionals working with children who wish to improve their knowledge of parental mental health and the impact on the child.

  • To consider the impact that parental mental health problems can have on the development, safety and welfare of dependent children and on the parent's or carer's ability to meet the child's needs.
  • To consider multi-agency responses to safeguarding children whose parents have mental health problems.

Substance Misuse & Parenting

The LSCB is running a series of training events around substance misuse and parenting across the county.

The aim of the training is to provide staff who work with families affected by substance use additional insight into the impact substance use can have on parenting. It is to provide support to all professionals working with parental substance.

Child Sexual Exploitation Training Events

Cumbria LSCB are providing FREE Child Sexual Exploitation Workshops across the county.

Domestic Abuse Learning Events

Cumbria LSCB are providing FREE Domestic Abuse Workshops across the County.

Domestic Violence Risk Identification Matrix Training

This course is for frontline practitioners from across the partner agencies who may come into contact with children and young people where Domestic Abuse is a factor.  This includes but is not limited to; SW’s, Children and family workers, TYS, Teaching staff.

These learning events are Multi agency briefing sessions on the use of the Barnardo’s Domestic Violence Risk Identification Matrix (DVRIM).

The Domestic Violence Risk Identification Matrix training aims to assist multi-agency staff and social work staff to:

  • Identify risks to children from domestic violence
  • Make decisions of whether a case presents as in need of a safeguarding response or early help
  • To help staff to make appropriate interventions for children, non-abusing parent and perpetrators

What is the DV RIM Tool?

  • It is a multi-agency risk identification safeguarding tool which assess the level of risk to a child/young person who is experiencing domestic abuse / violence in their family using a four levels threshold scales
  • It also assesses the level of risk to the mother - incorporation adult focussed risk factors DASH - MARAC by identifying the nature and level of the perpetrator's violence and abuse
  • It indicates the level of intervention required to support and safeguard children and in doing so also can be used to protect mother
  • It helps to identify what help and support is need at an early intervention stage, it coordinates an effective respond to disclosure for children - Early Help or Social Care referral - Section 17 or Section 47 - Child protection investigation
  • It begins to examine the impact of the domestic violence on the child and mother

Better Together Events

better together

To build on the Better Together events from 2016, the LSCB are holding a second series of multi-agency partnership events.

Using the experience of the child's journey in the safeguarding system, we will be exploring the developments that have taken place since last years 'Better Together' events.

The events will be a platform to;

  • highlight the changes in the Early Help offer
  • provide an overview of the developments within the Early Help and Family Support Panels
  • focus on where the Hub is placed in the safeguarding system
  • reflect on when and how to use the Hub to best effect

The LSCB use these opportunities to find out what your experiences are of the safeguarding system to drive out developments into 2018.

Please note: The workshops start promptly at 2pm and finish at 4pm, participants are expected to stay for the whole sessions as these are not drop in events.

Due to popular demand last year, we are booking these events through Eventbrite, please follow the link below for your preferred venue.