Empathy day

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Empathy Day book promotion in Libraries

Stories give insights into how other people feel.

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These are a selection of some empathy-rich books for 4-16-year-olds selected by experts which you can borrow through Central Bedfordshire Libraries. These books enable children and teenagers to be able to:

   Experience and understand other people’s emotions and perspectives.

   Give them a core life skill; vital for successful relationships, collaboration and learning.

   Become a force for social change as empathy is put into action.

Empathy Day is celebrated on the 9th June but these are books are available for you to borrow all year round.

You can borrow them in person or reserve them on our library catalogue Arena or download our e-books and magazines through Virtual Library. You just need a Library card and a PIN to access all our great resources.

Novels which help us understand others better

Junior Fiction

Being me by Liz Brownlee -poems about thoughts feelings and worries

The Shark caller by Zillah Bethel - At first Maple and Blue-Wing don’t get along. But with the promise of treasure, can they overcome their differences and brave the deadliest shark in the ocean? Also an Eaudio

The Great food bank heist by Onjali Q. Rauf - Nelson, Asha and Mum head out to the food bank but a thief is emptying the shelves. Can Nelson and his friends catch the robber.

The soup movement by Ben Davis – Jordan gives his soup to a homeless man and so starts a new friendship and a community movement.

Stars with flaming tails by Valerie Bloom – funny thoughtful perceptive and richly varied poetry.

A different sort of normal by Abigail Balfe - I am Abigail. I didn’t know I was autistic until I was adult. This is my story of growing up in confusion. If you don’t fit in this story is for you.

How to be me by Cath Howe – Lucas is alone since his mum died, but the people he meets at summer club force him to open-up and start talking.

House on the Edge by Alex Cotter – Faith’s dad has left them in a crumbling house by the sea, and her brother is obsessed by sea ghosts. Can faith bring them both back before everything falls in the sea?.

Black and British David Olusoga - When did Africans first come to Britain? Who are the well-dressed black children in Georgian paintings? Did Roman Africans really guard Hadrian's Wall?

Swallow’s kiss by Sita Brahmachari - is a wonderfully uplifting story that explores the common threads that connect our different communities.

Available on Libby

The boy who made everyone laugh by Hellen Rutter Eaudio

Danny Chung  does not do maths by Maisy Chan  Ebook

Girl who stole an Elephant by Nizrana Farook Ebook

Picture stories to help create emotional ties

picture books

Barbara throws a wobbler by Nadia Shireen - Barbara's Wobbler is out of control! But what happens when a bad mood like this comes along? She has a lot to learn about the ways of wobblers.

Luna loves art Joseph Coelho - Join Luna and Finn at the Art Gallery and step inside famous works of art.

Narwhal’s otter friend by Ben Clanton - Narwhal and Jelly meet Otty the adventurous otter! A wonderfully silly early graphic novel.

My Beautiful voice by Joseph Coelho - Follows a child who is so shy she doesn't speak. With the encouragement of a magical teacher she finds courage and does find she has a beautiful voice.

The Invisible by Tom Percival - Is the story of those who are overlooked in our society - who are made to feel invisible - and why everyone has a place because we all belong. Also an EBook

The Last bear by Hannah Gold - Determined to save the bear, April begins the most important journey of her life. It shows us you are never too young or insignificant to make a difference.

New Empathy Day collection for teen readers


Show us who you are by Elle McNicoll - Pomegranate is using AI to recreate real people in hologram form. As she digs deeper, she uncovers darker secrets, and she must unravel their plans.

Punching the air by Ibi Zoboi - Aged 16 years Amal Shahid is convicted of a crime he didn't commit. Despair in prison life overcomes him until he finds refuge of his words, his art.

When life gives you mangoes by Mereen Getten - Nothing much happens where Clara lives. She loves mangoes and escaping to her hideout with her friend Gaynah. Her problem is she can't remember anything that happened last summer.

The Crossing by Manjeet Mann - A twist of fate brings these two problem teenagers from opposite sides of the channel together, but will their journey end in hope or despair?

After the war by Tom Palmer - Ossi, Ben and Mordecai have survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, and reached a place of safety and peace, but their nightmares persist.

When the sky falls by Phil Earle - Adonis the Zoo gorilla is ferociously strong and dangerous, but when the bombs begin to fall, it is up to Joseph to guard Adonis's cage. Should it be damaged by a blast, but will Joseph be ready to pull the trigger.??