COVID-19 case numbers down again

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Weekly figures 23 Feb 2022

COVID-19 case numbers down again

Over the last week (week ending 23 February), new cases of COVID-19 in Central Bedfordshire have gone down by 310 to 1,360, a rate of 462.4 cases per 100,000. Infections are now highest among 30-39s and 40-49s. The number of people in hospital locally has again gone down but sadly there were 12 deaths in the last reporting week.

Case numbers among our neighbours are also down:

  • Bedford – 833 new cases, down 208 (476.9 per 100,000) with 8 deaths reported
  • Luton – 733 new cases, down 247 (343.3 per 100,000) with 5 deaths reported
  • Milton Keynes – 1,320 new cases, down 506 (488.5 per 100,000) and 4 deaths reported

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Changes to restrictions

Earlier this week the Government announced its plans for removing the remaining legal restrictions while protecting people most vulnerable to COVID-19 and maintaining resilience to respond to future variants.

Although the legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive COVID-19 test ends today, the Government is clear that people who test positive should stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

After five days, you may choose to take a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) followed by another the next day - if both are negative, and you do not have a temperature, you can safely return to your normal routine. 

The Government is shifting away from rules and urging everyone to take personal responsibility for minimising risk of either contracting or passing on COVID-19.  That means continuing to monitor your own health and good infection control behaviours such as:

  • Vaccination
  • Fresh air
  • Face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces
  • Staying at home if unwell or test positive
  • Washing your hands regularly

testing symptomatic

Get vaccinated

It is now even more important that we all get all our vaccine doses. The NHS is still offering first, second and booster doses as well as extra doses for people who are immunosuppressed.

Even if you have had COVID-19 you still need to get fully vaccinated – get all your doses and make sure you and your family are protected.

There are walk-in centres and appointments available across Central Bedfordshire and free transport to get to a centre.

Find out how to stay safe and help prevent the spread

getting vaccinated offers the best protection against COVID-19

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