Almost a thousand new cases of COVID-19 here last week

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Coronavirus updates

Weekly COVID-19 update

Weekly figures 29 Sept 2021

Almost a thousand new cases last week

Over the last week (week ending 29 September), new cases of COVID-19 in Central Bedfordshire have gone up by 242 to 995 (338.3 cases per 100,000). There was one death registered in our area in the last reporting week.

The reports from our neighbours show that case numbers are high and increasing across the area:

  • Bedford - 651 new cases, up 203 (372.7 cases per 100,000) with 4 deaths reported
  • Luton - 662 new cases, up 49 (310.0 cases per 100,000) with 4 deaths reported
  • Milton Keynes – 781 new cases, up 62 (289.0 cases per 100,000) and 1 death reported

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. You should stay cautious to help protect yourself and others.

  • Let fresh air in if you meet indoors. Meeting outdoors is safer
  • Wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces
  • Get tested and self-isolate if required
  • Keep washing your hands regularly
  • If you haven’t already, get vaccinated

Find out how to stay safe and help prevent the spread

COVID-19 vaccines are now available for everyone over 12

Young people aged 16 and 17

The NHS is offering a 1st dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to people aged 16 and 17. If you will turn 18 within 3 months, you can also get a 2nd dose.

You can book your appointment at a larger vaccination centre or pharmacy now or wait to be invited to go to a local NHS service.

Book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment

Children aged 12 to 15

All children aged 12 to 15 will be offered a 1st dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Parents and guardians will get a letter with information about when the vaccine will be offered. Most children will be given their vaccine at school.

Some children are being offered 2 doses of the vaccine if either:

  • they live with someone who is more likely to get infections (such as someone who has HIV, has had a transplant or is having certain treatments for cancer, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis)
  • they have a condition that means they're at high risk from COVID-19

If your child is eligible for 2 doses of the vaccine, you'll be contacted by a local NHS service such as their GP surgery to arrange their appointments.

Find out more about COVID-19 vaccination for children and young people on GOV.UK

COVID-19 booster vaccine

Booster vaccine doses will be available on the NHS for people most at risk from COVID-19 who have already had 2 doses of a vaccine. The NHS will let you know when it's your turn to have one.

Find out more about the COVID-19 booster vaccine

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Free COVID-19 rapid tests

About 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms but can still infect others. You should do a rapid test twice a week (every 3 to 4 days) to check if you have the virus. If people test positive and self-isolate, it helps stop the virus spreading.

Even if you’re vaccinated, there’s still a chance you can catch or pass COVID-19 on, so you should keep getting tested regularly.

You can get rapid tests to do at home

You can collect up to 2 packs of 7 tests from a local library, pharmacy, our testing centres or order a pack of 7 tests for home delivery.

From 4 October 2021, you'll need a collect code when you pick up your tests from pharmacies. Find out more

However, you can still collect tests from our libraries and community collect buses without a code.

Find out when the bus is in your area

Find a library

Order tests for home delivery


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