Case numbers have doubled this week

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Weekly figures 30 June 2021

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Case numbers have doubled this week

We are seeing a growing number of COVID-19 cases in Central Bedfordshire, many concentrated in young adults. Overall, we now have the highest case numbers since February. The number of people with COVID-19 needing hospital care has gone down slightly and happily there were no deaths here in the last reporting week.

Over the last week (week ending 30 June), cases have increased by 187 to 346 new cases, a rate of 119.9 per 100,000.

Among our neighbours, cases are also up:

  • Bedford - 201 new cases (116.0 per 100,000) with one death reported
  • Luton - 318 new cases (149.3 per 100,000) with two deaths reported
  • Milton Keynes - 299 new cases (111.0 cases per 100,000) and no deaths reported

The Delta variant spreads more easily and now accounts for almost all cases.

While some people think the virus causes only mild illness in young people, we are seeing hospital admission amongst younger adults. Young people can develop long COVID, resulting in significant symptoms and disability for weeks or even months.

We have had several significant outbreaks linked to the hospitality sector – affecting both staff and visitors. Unfortunately, some venues have had to close as a result of outbreaks.

Some people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms; symptoms that resemble a cold or no symptoms at all so we need to be be vigilant. Anyone who thinks they might have COVID-19 should stay home and book a free test. Most people can book and get test results within 24 hours. Book at or via 119.

Everyone should book their vaccine as soon as possible. Our local vaccination centres are offering walk-in sessions for all adults requiring their first dose. No booking is required. Full protection, with two doses, is important because the new variant spreads more easily.

It is vital that we continue to do all we can to control the infection. Despite the vaccination programme, if cases rise further the NHS could still see a significant surge in admissions.

So it is even more important to remember:

  • Fresh air is best - meet others outdoors or open windows if you are inside
  • Hands - keep washing them regularly or use sanitiser
  • Face - wear a face covering
  • Space - keep two metres apart from others

We should all:

  • Test regularly - use a rapid test before you meet others
  • Isolate - if you have symptoms get a PCR test immediately and isolate
  • Vaccinate - vaccination is effective so get yours as soon as you can

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