Watching the football tonight?

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Coronavirus updates

Watching the football tonight?


COVID-19 cases are rising

Cases of COVID-19 have risen again this week here and across the country and although we are seeing more cases in schools, the biggest area of concern now is younger adults, especially those under 30. This group may have greater exposure due to their work, such as in hospitality, are largely unvaccinated (or not doubly vaccinated yet) and may come into contact with more people while socialising or watching Euro 2020 matches indoors.

We’ve seen the same pattern across the country. In Scotland, the health secretary told the BBC that their surge in coronavirus cases is partly linked to football fans watching Euro 2020 matches indoors and travelling to the match against England in Wembley.

Over 20 million people watched England play Scotland, and even more are expected to watch tonight’s big game against Germany. 

If you are planning to watch the game with friends, at the pub or at someone’s house then don’t forget the COVID-19 safety guidance.

  • Winning or losing, avoid hugging it out
  • Maintain a good distance between each other
  • Try and watch the games outdoors or in well ventilated rooms
  • Wash or sanitise your hands frequently
  • Avoid sharing food and drinks

The Delta variant of the virus is highly transmissible and unless we all stick to the guidance then we are going to see more and more cases.


Get A Jab

The vaccines are effective and will reduce your risk of serious illness. You need two doses to be protected so get both doses of the vaccine as soon as you are eligible – everyone over 18 can book their first dose NOW and their second dose just 8 weeks after the first one.

There are walk-in centres across the area, or you can book online

Get a Test

With around one in three people who have coronavirus showing no symptoms, testing is vital if you have regular contact with other people.

If you don't have symptoms, you should test twice a week, especially before going out.

We have mobile rapid test buses in Biggleswade, Leighton Buzzard, Houghton Regis and Flitwick or you can pick up a test kit from local libraries, pharmacies or order them online.

And report your result, whether it's positive or negative!

If you have symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you must get a PCR test by ordering online or calling 119. You and your household must isolate immediately. Help to isolate is available - visit our website to find out more.

Test and collect at Biggleswade

Come and get your rapid tests from our mobile centres.

COVID-19 useful information

Full information is available on our website.


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