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Coronavirus updates

Coronavirus update

Vaccination now available for everyone over 45

Join the millions

The NHS is currently offering the COVID-19 vaccine to people most at risk from coronavirus. And it is now available to everyone over 45.

In Central Bedfordshire, the vaccine is being offered in some hospitals and pharmacies, at local centres run by GPs and at larger vaccination centres. 

You can book your vaccination appointments online if any of the following apply:

  • you were aged 45 or over on or before 30 March 2021
  • you are at high risk from coronavirus (clinically extremely vulnerable)
  • you have a condition that puts you at higher risk (clinically vulnerable)
  • you have a learning disability
  • you get a Carer's Allowance, get support following an assessment by your local authority or your GP record shows you are a carer

You do not need to wait to be contacted by the NHS. Book your COVID-19 vaccination appointments

Don’t forget your second dose

Second dose

The first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should give you good protection from coronavirus from three or four weeks after you've had it.

But you need to have the second dose of the vaccine to give you longer lasting protection.

It’s important to keep your vaccination appointment when it is offered to you.

If you had your first dose in a hospital hub or through a GP service you will be contacted to receive your second dose. You do not need to contact the NHS.

If you booked your appointment through the national booking service you will have booked both your first and second appointments at the same time and will have been given details of your second appointment over the phone.

If you booked online you can remind yourself of the place and time of your second dose using the ‘manage my appointments’ section on

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective

The vaccines approved for use in the UK have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness set out by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Any coronavirus vaccine that is approved must go through all the clinical trials and safety checks all other licensed medicines go through. The MHRA follows international standards of safety.

Other vaccines are being developed. They will only be available on the NHS once they have been thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe and effective.

So far, millions of people have been given a COVID-19 vaccine and reports of serious side effects, such as allergic reactions or clotting problems, have been very rare.

vaccine safety

COVID-19 useful information

Full information is available on our website.


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