Enjoy the Easter weekend safely

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Coronavirus updates

Enjoy the Easter weekend safely


With two households or up to six people now permitted to meet outdoors, many of you will be eagerly looking forward to the Easter holiday. It’s a small step towards freedom, but we need to proceed with caution to keep ourselves and others safe.

Seeing friends again? Stay outdoors

The extra hour of daylight and potential for sunshine is an exciting prospect to improve wellbeing and build our collective resilience through exercise and connecting with loved ones. Remember though, it’s not yet time to socialise indoors. So, stay outdoors in the fresh air.

To hug or not to hug?

Some people will not have seen each other for a long time. For many of us, it’s an ingrained habit to hug our family and friends. Remember to resist this instinct and find other ways to greet each other. Although socially distanced contact is safer outside than indoors, the risk of transmission from hugging is the same inside as outside.

Safe ways to get into the festive spirit

Consider having a virtual family gathering on Easter Sunday. You could dress up in Easter outfits like bunny costumes. If you do meet in person, remember the limit of six and you must only meet outdoors. If your gathering involves food or drink, it’s better when guests bring their own. 

Get crafty at home

You could dye or decorate eggs for an Easter egg hunt in the house or garden. There’s also a contactless trail at Houghton Hall Park. Get creative by making a bunny garland or hampers for future gifting. Visit Creative Buzz for more ideas.

Vaccination is not full protection

Vaccinations massively outweigh the risk of getting the virus. However, they do not make us immune. The first vaccine provides a high degree of protection and the second builds on that, but we still have the same vulnerability to catching Covid and transmitting it to others.

Get tested if you are eligible

If you’re a member of a household, childcare bubble of an early year’s child, a pupil, student or staff of a school, nursery or college, you can get a twice-weekly test:

  • Through your employer if they offer testing to employees
  • At a local test site
  • By collecting a home test kit from a test site
  • By ordering a home test kit online

Check the Easter opening hours of the three rapid testing centres.

Let’s keep protecting each other

We have sacrificed so much over the last year. Let’s keep doing our bit to protect each other. None of us are safe until all of us are safe.

Remember: Hands. Face. Space. Fresh Air.

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