Waste and Recycling E-newsletter - Spring edition

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for Bracknell Forest


Here's what's in your Recycle for Bracknell Forest Spring edition.

  • Success of the food waste launch
  • Re3paint available from Longshot Lane and Smallmead
  • Recycle your small electricals
  • Start composting this spring
  • Disposing of COVID-19 lateral flow tests
  • Download the re3cyclopedia app
  • Upcoming events

Over 1,000 tonnes of food waste collected 


Since the launch of the service in March, residents have recycled over 1,000 tonnes of food waste. 

Thank you to everyone who has been taking part in the new food waste collections. Every time you put a teabag in your caddy, or scrape your leftovers away, you're helping to reduce landfill waste and prevent dangerous gasses from entering the atmosphere.

Recycling over 1,000 tonnes of food waste creates enough energy to power around 42,000 homes for a day, that's the same amount of houses in Bracknell Forest that received food waste caddies. 

Want to know what happens to your waste once it's collected from the kerbside? Watch the food waste journey for more information.

Re3paint available at Longshot Lane


Over 100,000 litres of paint a year, enough to cover almost 180 football pitches, is disposed of by re3 residents. To prevent this waste, residents are encouraged to use the re3paint stands at Longshot Lane and Smallmead recycling centres. 

The re3paint initiative allows residents of Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham boroughs to take water-based tins of paint that were deposited at the recycling centres and use it for their own projects or to help their local charity and community groups. By doing so, you can save money on purchasing paint and at the same time help to reduce unnecessary paint waste and its impact on the environment.

Just look out for the yellow containers on site to either drop off your unwanted paint or collect some for your next project. Please book a slot to visit the recycling centres. 

Read more about the scheme on the re3 website.

Recycle your small electricals correctly


A few weeks ago a resident put this small electrical appliance in their kerbside bin and it almost caused a fire in one of our collection vehicles.

Luckily, our crews spotted the smoke and called the fire brigade who put this out before it got any worse.

Please dispose of your small electricals correctly and help keep our crews and vehicles safe.

Small electricals recycling day

Our next small electricals recycling day is coming up on Saturday, 22 May. We'll be at the John Nike Stadium (athletics track) car park, behind Bracknell Leisure Centre, from 9.30am - 12.30pm.

As well as your unwanted electricals, we will be collecting clothing. We can accept all clothing, handbags, belts, shoes in pairs, linens, blankets and towels. Please do not bring any duvets as we cannot recycle these.

Don't forget to bring your e+ card and collect 500 reward points for recycling your electricals with us.

What will happen to my electricals? 

Your small electricals will be stripped down and the electrical appliance components can be used in circuit boards and electric motors. Scrap metal can be extracted and melted down to form new metal-based components.

Please read our small electricals page before attending to check what items we can accept.

Composting is heaps of fun!


Start composting at home

If you love gardening and want a nutrient rich food for your plants, why not try composting your food and garden waste?

It saves money, saves resources, can help to improve your soil and can reduce your impact on the environment.

If you are registered with our recycling incentive scheme you may be able to redeem some of your reward points to buy a composter at a reduced price. Log into your account to find out more.

Alternatively, the re3 waste partnership has an arrangement where Bracknell Forest residents can get composters, water butts and wormeries at competitive prices. Visit the get composting website for more information.

Once you have your composter, you can follow the Recycle Now step-by-step guide to composting to get started.


Re3grow compost now on sale

Re3grow is a peat-free compost, made from recycled garden waste collected from Bracknell Forest, Wokingham and Reading borough residents.

The garden waste is sent to a composting facility in Oxfordshire. The compost is then screened and matured and ready to be brought back into the re3 residents’ gardens. The compost has been produced in the UK and provides essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. It conforms to BSI PAS 100 and the Compost Quality Protocol.

It is now on sale for re3 residents to buy in 40 litre bags. It can be purchased at both Longshot Lane in Bracknell and Smallmead in Reading, directly from the Meet and Greet teams. Please book a slot to visit the recycling centres.

Disposing of your used lateral flow tests


Taking a lateral flow test (LFT) is now part of our weekly routine, and with the volume of tests being taken everyday, we need to make sure they are being disposed of correctly. 

Once you have registered your test results, the following items need to be disposed of in your green general waste bin:

  • swab and its packaging
  • test strip and its packaging
  • extraction buffer sachet
  • extraction tube

Although, these items are made of plastic, we are unable to recycle them due to the chemicals involved in the LFT kit.

If you use any disposable PPE whilst taking your test, this must also go in your green general waste bin.

The carboard packaging and paper leaflets that come with your LFTs can be recycled in your blue recycling bin along with the card extraction tube holder.


Recycle more with re3cyclopedia


Download the re3cyclopedia app and manage your waste and recycling needs from your phone.

With the app, you can:

  • Search how and where to dispose of specific items
  • Check general waste and recycling collection dates
  • Report missed bins
  • Apply for a commercial permit to the recycling centres
  • Receive news and event updates

Upcoming Events

Recycling day

When and where? 

Saturday, 22 May 2021 at John Nike Stadium (athletics track) car park, from 09:30am - 12:30pm.

Recycling Day

Bracknell Forest residents can drop off their clothing and small electrical items to recycle and gain 500 recycling incentive scheme points by doing so.

For more information visit our website, or to see how your electricals are recycled watch this video. Don't forget to bring your e+ card with you!

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