Update regarding green garden waste collections

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What you can put into your garden waste bin

YES please:

  • grass cuttings
  • plants and flowers
  • weeds
  • prunings and hedge clippings
  • leaves and bark
  • vase plants and pond plants

NO thanks:

  • soil and rubble
  • vegetable peelings and kitchen waste
  • plastic bags, plant pots and polystyrene trays
  • animal bedding and pet waste
  • general household waste
  • persistent and noxious weeds (Ragwort, Japanese Knotweed, Spear Thistle, Creeping Thistle, Broad Leaf Dock, Curled Dock)
  • fake plants

Please make sure your garden waste is placed into the green bin loose (no bags please) and is contained within your bin. Extra garden waste will not be collected. 


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