A BOLD Legacy

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Get Set
Cllr Ian Ward and Dame Louise Martin hold a copy of Delivering a Bold Legacy for Birmingham

Delivering a BOLD legacy for Birmingham

Birmingham City Council’s legacy plan for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games has been published.

Delivering a Bold Legacy for Birmingham sets out the council’s plans to maximise our Proud Host City status for the Games - with the aim of being “A legacy shaped by our people”.

It details how the Games can help respond to the main challenges the city already faces, which in itself was a key driver for the council spearheading the successful bid for the right to host the Games back in 2017.

The plan is built around the Games accelerating the council response to the challenges facing our city and the aspirations of our people, outlined as follows:

  1. The Games can enable a THRIVING city, creating opportunities accessible to all.
  2. The Games can open up opportunities to which our younger population can ASPIRE to achieve.
  3. Games initiatives and facilities will support the development of a HEALTHY society, both physically and mentally.
  4. Hosting the Games creates a platform for a more WELCOMING, diverse place to live and invest.
  5. The Games can and will accelerate our GREEN GROWTH plans to grow Birmingham in a sustainable and resilient way.

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