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Reporting on East Ayrshire Council


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Reporting on East Ayrshire Council

East Ayrshire Council – maintains strong performance, continues to improve but faces financial challenge


A new report on East Ayrshire Council has been published by the Accounts Commission. Read the report which provides an independent view across all aspects of your local council. Find out how well your council is performing, the challenges facing councillors and the impact of changes in the council’s finances.

Major challenges faced by East Ayrshire Council

  1. Estimated savings of £55 million need to be made by 2022.
  2. There are areas of significant inequality in East Ayrshire.
  3. The overall population is set to fall by nearly 4% by 2039, with a decrease in the number of children and those of working age and a 77% increase in those aged 75 and over.
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 The Accounts Commission found:

- The council is performing well and overall the majority of services are improving, at a time of increased demand.

 - There is a genuine commitment to work with and empower local communities.  

Below are some of the key issues from the report.

More about our findings

Services are improving

Services for local people continue to improve, at a time of increased demand in areas such as home care. The council’s overall performance continues to improve, for example the number of young people moving from school into work or further study, meeting minimum standards in social housing and the condition of many roads. The council needs to focus on further improving school attainment and processing commercial planning applications more quickly.

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Working together


There is strong leadership in the council, with partners committed to working together. The council works well with local people, using its ‘Vibrant Communities’ approach to give communities more involvement and ownership in changing services and tackling local challenges.

Clacks leadership


Estimated savings of £55 million are needed over three years. The council has developed a long-term financial plan and a transformation strategy. But there is a significant amount of work ahead for the council to make the changes necessary to meet increased demand on services, manage its workforce and deliver the significant savings required.


Population and inequality

Across East Ayrshire there are areas of significant inequality and deprivation, with higher than average levels of unemployment, particularly amongst younger people. The number of people living in the area is set to fall by nearly 4% by 2039, and significant reductions in the number of children and people of working age are expected. At the same time, the number of people aged 75 and over is expected to increase by 77%. This will have a significant impact on services and the economy.

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About the Accounts Commission

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What happens next?

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East Ayrshire Council will now formally consider the report at a full meeting of the Council. The independent external auditor for the council – Deloitte – will monitor and report on progress every year. This will be done through an annual audit report on the council, which is published every autumn.

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