Reporting on Clackmanannshire Council

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Reporting on Clackmannanshire Council


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Reporting on Clackmannanshire Council

Clackmannanshire Council: serious concerns raised

Clackmannanshire Council must take urgent and decisive action to sort out its financial problems, says the Accounts Commission.

In this new report on Clackmannanshire Council, the local authority watchdog highlights serious concerns about the council's financial position. 

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We will report again on progress at the council by June 2019 or earlier, if needed.

Strengths and challenges


  1. The council estimates a funding gap of up to £29 million over the next three years. Tough decisions needed now to ensure savings made and services delivered.
  2. The council and its partners face significant challenges as they work to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities for local people.  
  3. By 2033 one in four people in Clackmannanshire will be aged over 65, whilst the number of people living in the area is set to fall by 2.4% over the next 20 years.
  4. The council works well with local organisations and communities. Stronger leadership by councillors and improved working between councillors and management needed. 

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Managing its money

Serious concerns raised about Clackmannanshire Council’s finances. Savings of £29 million must be made over the next three years. If it continues to use reserves at the same rate as recent years, there is a real risk the council will run out of reserves.

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Strong leadership is essential to ensure the changes to service and savings needed are made. Closer working between councillors and management is also essential, as well as bringing in external support to help make these changes.  

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Working with others and delivering services

The council needs to build on existing partnership working, and its good record of engaging with communities, to deliver the changes needed. Despite having less money and cuts to services, the council has maintained service performance and customer satisfaction in some key services. The council’s new model for how it is organised and delivers services needs to be put into action now.

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What happens next?

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Clackmannanshire Council will now formally consider the report at a full meeting of the Council on 8 February. The independent external auditor for the council – Audit Scotland – will monitor and report on progress every year. This will be done through the annual audit report on the council, which is published every autumn. The Commission will report again on progress at the council by June 2019 or earlier, if needed.