Reporting on East Renfrewshire Council

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Reporting on East Renfrewshire Council


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Reporting on East Renfrewshire Council

East Renfrewshire Council: performing well, but more to do

A new report on East Renfrewshire Council has been published by the Accounts Commission. This is the only report that provides an independent view across all aspects of your local council. 

Read the report to find out how well your council is performing, the challenges facing councillors and the impact of changes in budget and population.  

East Renfrewshire remains a high-performing council, but its councillors need to be more prominent in dealing with the tough challenges ahead, says the Accounts Commission. Below are some of the key issues from the report.

Major challenges for East Renfrewshire Council

  1. Savings of over £26 million need to be made by 2020/21, while providing services to an increasing population. 
  2. The total population is expected to rise by 13% from 2014-39, twice the Scotland average.
  3. The number of children is expected to rise by 14%, that's 10 times the Scotland average. This will affect services such as school education.
  4. The number of people aged 75 or over is expected to rise by 89%. This will affect health and social care services for older people.

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Managing its money

At the moment, East Renfrewshire Council is in a good financial position. But it needs to consider different ways of delivering services while planning to save £26 million. To help with this, the council needs to develop budgets which better reflect spending.

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Key services

School education is a real strength. Over the last six years there has been a significant improvement in the percentage of pupils gaining five or more awards at Level 6. Performance in some other service areas is more varied, for example managing a costly backlog of road and property repairs, and some areas of social care.

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Working with local people

The council values involving communities and seeking the views of service users as it develops options for the future. The Commission encourages the Council to continue to talk with, and get feedback from communities, helping ensure changes to services have the best outcomes.

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About the Accounts Commission

The Accounts Commission is the independent public spending watchdog for local government. It holds councils in Scotland to account and helps them improve by reporting to the public on their performance. Find out more on our website.

Key facts

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About Best Value

Best Value is about ensuring public organisations are well managed, focus on improvement and deliver the best possible services for the public. Find out more.

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What happens next?

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East Renfrewshire Council will now formally consider the report at a full meeting of the Council. The independent external auditor for the council – Audit Scotland – will monitor and report on progress every year. This will be done through an annual audit report on the council, which is published every autumn.