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Reporting on Renfrewshire Council



Reporting on Renfrewshire Council

Council continues to improve, but significant challenges ahead

The Accounts Commission reports on progress at Renfrewshire Council. The Commission is encouraged by evidence of improving service performance. The council is working well with its partners in addressing long-term social and economic challenges faced by Renfrewshire communities.

Major challenges: population, economy and health


Renfrewshire Council faces three major challenges:

  1. There aren't enough people of working age moving into the area.
  2. High number of households without the money for day to day needs.
  3. Poor health.

Our report looks at the ways in which Renfrewshire Council is tackling these challenges. 

Working with local people


Renfrewshire Council is currently looking at the ways in which it engages with citizens and communities. But the council should build on its experience in consulting with local people and communities as it takes forward the task of redesigning services that meet future needs and demands.

Working together


It is important that councillors work well together and ensure they take advantage of training opportunities. This will help them tackle the significant challenges they face.

Delivering services


The council has effective financial plans and a record of good financial management. To address the funding gap - the difference between the amount of money available and the money needed to meet future demand - councillors also need to agree how they can best use the staff available to deliver services.

In recent years the council has reduced staff numbers by 1150 and has developed a number of new ways to deliver services.

The council also needs to look at ways to make its relationship with Renfrewshire Leisure Limited more transparent and clear.

About the Accounts Commission


The Accounts Commission is the independent public spending watchdog for local government. It holds councils in Scotland to account and helps them improve by reporting to the public on their performance. Find out more on our website.

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About Best Value

Best Value is about ensuring public organisations are well managed, focus on improvement and deliver the best possible services for the public. Find out more.


Accounts Commission findings


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What happens next?


Renfrewshire Council will now formally consider the findings at its meeting on 28 September. The auditor - Audit Scotland – will monitor and report on progress every year. This is done through the annual  audit report on the council which is published in Autumn each year.