2019 Preliminary CCMR Outcomes Bonus Student Listings Now Available

Texas Education Agency Updates

December 18, 2020

To the Superintendent Addressed: 

This correspondence is to notify you that the Preliminary 2019 Annual Graduates College, Career, or Military Readiness Outcomes Bonus (CCMR OB) Student Listings and explanatory materials are now available in the TEA Login (TEAL) Accountability application. This listing is preliminary, and the State Funding Division will use this listing to generate preliminary 2020–2021 CCMR OB funding. Please note that the data in these reports are confidential.

As data for enrollment in institutions of higher education (IHE) for 2019 annual graduates are not available to the agency until February 2021, the preliminary CCMR OB student listings do not include IHE enrollment. For 2019 annual graduates, TEA used a two-year IHE enrollment average, using IHE data for 2017 and 2018 annual graduates, for each district to generate IHE enrollment estimates. 

These preliminary listings will be used to generate 2020–2021 CCMR OB funding. The District Planning Estimate (DPE) column of the 2020–2021 Summary of Finance (SOF) reports will be updated to incorporate CCMR OB funding and used in near-final settle up calculations. The SOF reports will display the proposed count of annual graduates in excess of the proposed thresholds for the three cohorts: annual graduates who are educationally disadvantaged (economically disadvantaged), annual graduates who are not educationally disadvantaged, and annual graduates who are enrolled in a special education program.

Upon receipt of IHE enrollment data for 2019 annual graduates, TEA will reconcile the Preliminary 2019 Annual Graduates CCMR OB Student Listings with actual enrollment data and publish final 2019 Annual Graduates CCMR OB student listings. Upon reconciliation, State Funding will update the fiscal year 2020–2021 CCMR OB funding. 

For Further Information

Additional information on CCMR OB criteria, as well as the use of military enlistment data is available on the Performance Reporting Resources page. An October 29, 2020 To the Administrator Addressed letter provides further details on the proposed thresholds and timeline.

If you have questions regarding CCMR OB criteria or student listings, please contact TEA’s Performance Reporting Division at (512) 463-9704 or performance.reporting@tea.texas.gov.

For questions regarding funding, please contact the State Funding Division at (512) 463-9238 or sfinance@tea.texas.gov.