This Week in Performance Reporting: August 16, 2019

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What’s New in Performance Reporting

A–F Accountability

The 2019 academic accountability ratings were released to districts in the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) on Wednesday, August 14 and to the public on Thursday, August 15. To explore ratings throughout the state and dig into the data used to calculate ratings, please visit Links to district and campus data tables are also available on the 2019 Accountability Rating System site.

Districts and charters who wish to appeal a district or campus rating should file their intent to appeal using the TEAL Accountability application. TEAL Accountability provides a mechanism for tracking all accountability rating appeals and allows districts and charter schools to monitor the status of their appeal(s).

After filing an intent to appeal, districts and charter schools must mail an appeal packet including all supporting documentation necessary for TEA to process the appeal. Filing an intent to appeal does not constitute an appeal. Please refer to Chapter 8 of the 2019 Accountability Manual for additional details about appeals.

Local Accountability System

Districts interested in participating in the Local Accountability System (LAS) process for the 2019–20 school year must submit an online Notice of Interest and attend a TEA-sponsored training session during the fall of 2019.

The Notice of Interest (NOI) form and the 2020 DRAFT Local Accountability System Guide and Appendices are now available on the LAS website. By submitting the NOI form, districts will be provided with additional information about the LAS process but are not committed to participate in the process. The deadline to submit a NOI form for the 2019-20 school year is Friday, September 13, 2019.

Districts who anticipate participating in the LAS process during the 2019-20 school year are also required to attend a TEA-sponsored training session during the fall of 2019. The schedule for LAS Training sessions this fall will be posted (available soon) on the LAS website. Districts with an approved NOI will be given priority when registering for the LAS Training.

Have a question or comment about the local accountability system? Drop us a line at or call (512) 463-9704.

Performance-Based Monitoring

The 2019 Leaver Records Data Validation Manual is now available at the following link:

The 2019 Leaver Records Data Validation district and student-level reports are scheduled to be posted to the TEAL Accountability application in early November.

Technical Assistance:

Performance-Based Monitoring (PBM) contacts are available at each education service center (ESC) to provide technical assistance to school districts. ESC PBM contacts can be found at using the Search RESCs function.

For questions about the manual or the indicators described in the manual, please contact:
Performance-Based Monitoring (512) 936-6426 or

For questions about compliance reviews, please contact:
Data Reporting Compliance Unit (DRCU) (512)463-5738 or

Assessment Scoring and Reporting

The Student Portal has been updated with the latest assessment information. Parents can access their child’s results using a unique access code, which can be found on their child’s Report Card. Additionally, parents can view their child’s performance relative to the campus, district, and state.

Raw score to scale score conversion tables are posted here

For questions or help with accessing and interpreting STAAR, STAAR Alternate 2, TELPAS, and TELPAS Alternate results, districts and parents can email or call (512) 463-9704.

This Week’s FAQ

Why does my domain/overall score show an 89, but when I drill down to the data the raw component score would scale to an A?  

A statutory domain or overall adjustment to a B or 89 may have been applied for several reasons:

  • The district received an 89 overall if it includes any campus with an overall rating of D or F. In this case, the highest overall scaled score a district can receive is an 89.
  • A district received an 89 domain scaled score if it includes any campus with a corresponding domain rating of D or F. In this case, the highest scaled score a district can receive for that domain is an 89.
  • The district or campus received an F rating in either the School Progress, Part A or Part B domains; therefore, the better outcome of the two domains is limited to a scaled score of 89.
  • The district or campus received an F rating in either the Student Achievement domain or the School Progress domain; therefore, the better outcome of the two domains is limited to a scaled score of 89.

Employment Opportunities in Performance Reporting

The Performance Reporting Division is looking for someone to join our team. Interested and qualified candidates can apply for the following position at

Programmer IV

The person chosen to fill this position will conduct data analysis, ad-hoc queries, generate data tables and reports regarding academic performance and accountability. This role is critical to helping TEA increase transparency, fairness, and rigor in district and campus academic and financial performance.

Performance Reporting Calendar

August 14–September 13—2019 appeals application available to districts (TEAL)

By August 30—Accountability data downloads released to districts (TEAL) and to the public (TEA public website)

September 13—2019 accountability appeals window closes

Contact Information
Texas Education Agency
Performance Reporting Division
(512) 463-9704