This Week in Performance Reporting: August 9, 2019

Texas Education Agency Updates

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What’s New in Performance Reporting

A–F Accountability

Confidential Accountability Data Tables and Student Listings

The 2019 accountability data tables and student listings, which provide the unmasked data used to determine a campus or district’s accountability rating, are now available for districts in the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) Accountability application. Please note that the data in these reports are confidential.


Accountability data tables and student listings are available for all campuses and districts that will receive an accountability rating in 2019, including registered alternative education campuses and charter schools that are evaluated under alternative education accountability provisions. The data tables and student listings contain the data used to calculate each of the three domain scores.


The data tables are currently only available in HTML. Performance Reporting is in the process of creating batch PDFs for release in TEAL by 4 p.m. on Friday, August 9. A follow up notification will be distributed when PDFs are available for download. 

What’s Next

On August 14, the 2019 accountability ratings will be available to districts through the TEAL Accountability application. District and campus accountability and distinction designation reports will also be available through TEAL at this time. The following day, Thursday, August 15, all 2019 accountability reports will be released on the agency’s public website. The public accountability reports and data tables will be masked to protect student confidentiality.



August 14

District and campus accountability summary (with 2019 ratings) released to districts (TEAL)

Distinction designation reports released to districts (TEAL)

2019 appeals application available to districts (TEAL)

August 15

All reports listed above (masked to protect student confidentiality) released to the public (TEA public website)

August 30

Accountability data downloads released to districts (TEAL) and to the public (TEA public website)

September 13

2019 appeals deadline


TEAL Accountability Application Reminder

Performance Reporting will continue to release confidential data tables and reports related to 2019 accountability ratings in the TEAL Accountability application. In order to access the Accountability application, all users must create a TEAL account. You can request access at  If you have any issues creating a TEAL account, please submit a request for assistance at

For an overview of TEAL, please visit

Local Accountability System

Districts interested in information about the Local Accountability System process for the 201920 school year are encouraged to submit an online Notice of Interest and attend a TEA-sponsored training session during the fall of 2019.  The Notice of Interest form and the 2019-20 LAS Manual (draft) will be available on the LAS website by August 12, 2019.

Have a question or comment about the local accountability system? Drop us a line at or call (512) 463-9704.

Assessment Scoring and Reporting

Consolidated Accountability File (CAF)

The 2019 CAF, which contains all state assessment performance results as well as all demographic and program information for every tested student, is available for districts in the Texas Assessment Management System. The 2019 CAF data file format can be found here.

TELPAS Alternate Spring 2019 Administrations

Reports for the spring 2019 TELPAS Alternate administrations have been posted. TELPAS Report Cards, campus rosters, summary reports, and data files can be accessed through the TELPAS Assessment Management System.

Note: The TELPAS Report Cards for the spring 2019 TELPAS Alternate administrations will be shipped and delivered to districts August 5–9. 

The Student Portal is updated with the latest assessment information. Parents can access their child’s results using a unique access code, which can be found on their child’s Report Card. Additionally, parents can view their child’s performance relative to the campus, district, and state.

Raw score to scale score conversion tables are posted here

For questions or help with accessing and interpreting STAAR results, districts and parents can email or call (512) 463-9704.

This Week’s FAQ

On our Closing the Gaps report, the Pacific Islander student group had a 91.0 percent four-year federal graduation rate for 2019 and the report reflects a No for meeting the target. How can this be?

As approved by the U.S. Department of Education, the state ESSA plan requires student groups who meet or exceed the four-year federal graduation target to improve that rate in the following year. As graduation rates are rounded to one decimal place, a student group must exceed their prior year rate by one-tenth of a percentage point. For example, if the Pacific Islander group achieved a 91.0 percent four-year federal graduation rate in 2018, they would have to achieve at least a 91.1 percent four-year federal graduation rate in 2019 to meet the target. This requirement can be found on page 36 of Chapter 4 of the 2019 Accountability Manual.

Accountability Summer Learning Webinars

Performance Reporting thanks all who attended our summer learning webinar series. We are currently working to develop a fall learning series that will continue to explain the accountability rating system and introduce a series on the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR).  If you were unable to join our summer learning webinars, you can view the recordings of the sessions at the links below.

Accountability Summer Learning Webinar Recording Links

Understanding the Closing the Gaps Domain recording

Understanding the School Progress Domain recording

Understanding the Student Achievement Domain recording

Performance Reporting Calendar

August 14—2019 preliminary accountability tables with rating labels and distinction designations released (TEAL)

August 15—2019 preliminary accountability tables with rating labels and distinction designations released ( and

August 15—Campuses identified under PEG criteria for 2020–21 school year released (public web)

August 15—Campuses identified for comprehensive, targeted, and additional targeted support and improvement for 2020–21 school year released (public web)

August 14–September 13—2019 appeals application available to districts (TEAL)

September 13—2019 accountability appeals window closes

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