TSDS Newsletter - Spring 2018

May 2018

studentGPS® Dashboards Upgrade

GPS upgrades
studentGPS® student information page for an early learning student


TEA is upgrading the TSDS studentGPS® Dashboards to align with the most recent version of the Ed-Fi Dashboards. The Dashboards will still feature Texas-specific functionality related to state assessments and graduation plans, but will also offer additional early learning information, expanded customization options, and popular features created by other members of the larger Ed-Fi community. This effort is based on feedback from our Dashboard Advisory Group and was made possible as a part of TEA’s federal Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grant.

Do you know a school district or charter school that is interested in adopting the Dashboards? Ask them reach out to the TSDS Dashboard Champion at their regional education service center or email TSDSCustomerSupport@tea.texas.gov to get started.

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New TPEIR Early Learning Reports

TPEIR Early Learning Report excerpt
TPEIR Early Learning Statewide Report - click to access TPEIR


The TPEIR Education Reports website has recently published updated reports on public prekindergarten programs, kindergarten programs, and kindergarten readiness. Created under TEA’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grant, the reports leverage data collected through the Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) to provide information about participation and readiness at the state, district, and school levels. The 2017 pre-K reports now include new data elements from ECDS including the pre-K curricula used by schools and information concerning pre-K class size and student-to-teacher ratios.

Reports include public pre-K and kindergarten enrollment and demographic data and changes in participation over time, as well as information about the readiness of kindergarten students. For those seeking to take a deeper look, kindergarten data downloads are available for 2014-2017 at district and region levels. Pre-K program downloads are available at district and region levels for 2012-2017.

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TEDS Changes for 2019

The most recent legislative session in Texas produced many changes that affect data collected by TEA, including twenty bills that mandate changes to TSDS data. The Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) changes for the 2018-2019 school year address fifteen of these bills—some in earlier TEDS releases this year and others in the forthcoming July release.

The most significant changes come from: 

  • HB2442, affecting school year calendar reporting
  • HB22, affecting public school accountability
  • SB490, affecting counselor data reporting
  • HB674, affecting student discipline management for students below third grade

Local education agencies (districts and charter schools) and their student information system vendors should consult the 2018-2019 Texas Education Data Standards to learn how these changes affect the data they report to TEA.  

TEA will implement the remaining five pieces of legislation from the last session in the 2019-2020 TEDS standards.

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