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Try the Texas Trickle!

Texas Trickle YouTube Video

Want to conserve more water by using less? Turn down the pressure!

A little water can go a long way with the Texas Trickle. See the trickle in action and share with your fellow Texans.

Watch your Water

It's Not a Big Deal, Right?

Texas Trickle Water Drop

You might be surprised at how much water you can save by simply turning down the faucet water pressure. 

Let’s explore the differences in savings between the Texas Trickle versus turning off the faucet.

Save Water

Texas Trickle for Kids

Water Tracker Worksheet

Get your hands wet by testing out the Texas Trickle!

Put water conservation into action with these fun, educational resources:

  • Educational Lesson Plan - An educational walk-through of the Texas Trickle hands-on experiment to use with students.
  • Educational Worksheet - A supplemental worksheet for teachers and students to use with the lesson plan.
  • Water Tracker - A fillable tracker document to calculate overall water usage with the Texas Trickle.

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One Man's Journey to Conserve Water

Action figure measuring glass of water

To practice what we preach, a TCOT staff member decided to take on the Texas Trickle challenge when brushing his teeth.

This means, instead of leaving the water on full blast while brushing, he used only a tiny trickle of water to get the job done.

Follow the Journey

Perfect Irrigation App

Running sprinkler head

The summer heat is in full swing and, most likely, your lawn is feeling the effects of high temperatures and lack of rainfall. So of course, you’re watering your lawn. You want it to look great, but how do you know if you’re using the right amount of water? There's an app for that!

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Texas Environmental Excellence Awards

Texas Environmental Excellence Awards

The Texas Environmental Excellence Awards honor achievements in environmental preservation and protection. There are ten diverse award categories that provide citizens, communities, businesses, and organizations an opportunity to obtain the state’s highest environmental honor and be recognized for their environmental projects.

TCEQ is now accepting applications for the 2022 awards.

Applications are due by Friday, September 24th.

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Conserve Water Sticker

Keep the conservation message flowing with a new sticker for your collection!

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Water Cycles Poster

Learn how water moves around in your community with the Water Recycles Poster!

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