Hurricanes, Heat, and Mosquitoes - how much worse can it get?

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Hurricane Preparedness   |   Flood Safety Poster   |   Mosquito Awareness   |   Summer Travel Infographic   |   Summer Cooking Tips   |   Ozone Action Day

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Preparedness

As we enter Hurricane Season, TCEQ has launched a series of blog posts demonstrating the agency’s role in these often devastating weather events. The series will explore everything from basic preparedness, to the hurricane naming system, to fish kills, to staff’s personal experiences during previous hurricanes.

Hurricane Series

Stay Safe in a Flood Poster

Stay Safe in a Flood Poster

As much of the state has experienced severe weather recently, it’s important to teach young people and remind ourselves of the basics of staying safe in flood conditions.

The How to Stay Safe in a Flood poster illustrates some of the various hazards that can be present during or after a flood.

Use it at home or in the classroom by having your children or students search identify all the hazards in the flood scene.

Flood Safety Poster (Free!)

Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Mosquito Awareness Week Video

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week is June 20-26. 

Enjoy your summer without the pain of mosquitoes!

You can do your part and help Take Care of Texas with these helpful tips.

More on Mosquitoes

Summer Travel Guide

Summer Travel Guide to Take Care of Texas

While you are having fun in the summer sun, don’t forget to do your part to save water and energy and reduce your waste.

Check out the Summer Travel Guide infographic to find out how to Take Care of Texas during your summer expeditions. Download and share the infographic to help your friends and family do their part.

Travel Guide Infographic

Cool Conservation Cooking for Summer

Watermelon Slices and Smoothies

Most of us don’t enjoy sweating over a hot stove in the heat of the summer. Not only is it uncomfortable, but using your stove or oven during the Texas heat makes your air conditioner work harder to keep your home cool, resulting in higher energy costs.

Keep your kitchen cool with conservation cooking ideas, like using your grill or slow cooker!

Cool Kitchen Cooking Tips

What is an Ozone Action Day?

Clouds in Sky Ozone

Each day during ozone season (roughly March through November in Texas), the TCEQ informs the public when forecasted conditions can lead to Ozone Action Days. These are days when ozone levels are above normal and can impact our health through the quality of the air we breathe.

Kids can learn about air quality, too! Explain the basics with a lesson planworksheet.

Learn more about ozone and air quality on our What is Air Quality? webpage.

Ozone Action Day

M-036 Water Drop

Conserve Water. Every Drop Counts.

Visit the publications webpage and order our featured sticker! These water drop stickers are 3" x 4" and they promote our message of water conservation.

Place your order for these FREE stickers today!  (Max order of 1,000)

Free Sticker

Share Your Story Rain Barrel

Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're getting impressive results.

We invite you to Share Your Story on the ways you Take Care of Texas. 

(P.S. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.)

Share Your Story