The Texas 20 prepares you for Earth Day!

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Celebrate Earth Day with the Texas 20

The Texas 20 Tips

Earth Day, observed this year on Thursday, April 22, is the annual celebration of our planet and a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and conserve our natural resources.

As every resident of this state knows, Texas is the best place on Earth. Celebrate Earth Day by taking care of Texas right where you are! Whether you’re in a small town, a booming city, or somewhere in between, you can do The Texas 20!

The Texas 20

Is Picking Bluebonnets Illegal?

Bluebonnets with Sun

There’s a rumor going around Texas that it’s illegal to pick bluebonnets, the state flower. Anyone who has spent at least one spring season here has probably heard it. But is there any truth to it?

Find out if it's against the law to pick them in one of our most popular blog posts!

Is it illegal?

Texas Symbol Coloring Pages

Texas Symbol Coloring Pages

Show your Texas pride with these Take Care of Texas coloring pages!

These coloring pages highlight four different Texas state symbols and demonstrate ways you can personally help take care of Texas in your daily life.

We'd love to see your Texas-themed creations, so be sure to post pictures of your artwork and tag us on Facebook (@TakeCareofTexas) or Instagram (@TakeCareofTX).

Coloring Pages

Blue-green algae: What is it?

Blue-green algae on park pond

Recently, there have been multiple cases in Texas of blue-green algae found in bodies of water, such as Lake Travis and Belton Lake. The occurrences can be especially concerning since there have been cases of death among dogs.

Learn more about this natural phenomenon and what it means for you.


National Bat Appreciation Day

How to Build a Bat Box

In celebration of National Bat Appreciation Day on April 17, learn how you can help our black-winged neighbors, especially after thousands of bats were harmed or killed by winter storm Uri.

We can make them feel at home in a comfy Bat Box where they can reside, safe from predators and the elements!

Learn how to make a Bat Box and how to place it with these resource tips.

Build a Bat Box