Texas Communities Tackle Illegal Dumping

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Proud Partner Highlight: Waste Management

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Waste Management's work touches most Texans' lives every day. Read more about the company's commitment to Take Care of Texas, and watch the winning videos from this year's Take Care of Texas Video Contest, sponsored by WM!

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Texas Tackles Illegal Dumping

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Each year, Texas communities deal with illegal dumping through clean-ups, education campaigns, and enforcement actions. Read about some of our most exciting successes, and learn how your community can tackle this messy problem with confidence.

Illegal Dumping Successes

U.S. Rep Mickey Leland: Texas Hero

Mickey Leland

TCEQ celebrates the life and legacy of U.S. Rep. Mickey Leland with an overview of his trailblazing career and passion for the environment. If you know a student with a passion for protecting the environment, introduce them to the Mickey Leland paid internship for students.

Mickey Leland

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Poll

Collecting rainwater from your rooftop or landscape is a great way to conserve. Texas' state and local governments go to great lengths to encourage the practice with financial incentives. Learn how easy it can be for your home or business to start harvesting rainwater!

Rainwater Harvesting Guide

Envision Video Series

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Take Care of Texas is proud to announce the Envision video series, highlighting the outstanding individuals at TCEQ. Check out the YouTube playlist featuring Fredrick, Naomi, and Jade.

Art Contest Deadline

Take Care of Texas Kids Art Contest

There's still time to for your and your team to submits kids' creations in the Art Contest. This year, we're accepting submissions by mail and electronically. The extended deadline for entries is Monday, March 15.

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