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How to Stay Safe in a Flood

How to stay safe in a flood publication

Hurricane Hanna weakened into a tropical depression after making landfall along the Gulf Coast of southern Texas, resulting in major rains and flooding to start off this hurricane season. We want to share this FREE resource for Texans living in areas that can be impacted by hurricanes and flooding, so they can stay safe and informed.

This color poster illustrates various hazards that can be present in a flood, and on the reverse side, includes fill-in-the-blank and matching activities on ways to stay safe in a flood and why flooding can be dangerous.

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At-Home Educational Resources

Teacher Web Pages

The 2020 school year is approaching fast, and it will be more complicated than ever due to COVID-19. Teachers and parents are invited to check out our list of educational resources available from state and federal agencies to use at home or in the classroom!

Whether students are attending virtual classes at home, or returning to the classroom, environmental education is important and can be used to teach other subjects!

Educational Resources

Water Quality Month

keep our water clean

The importance of clean, available water cannot be understated. August is Water Quality Month—a great opportunity to learn about how your actions and those of your community affect the quality of our water.

Water Quality

Conservation can Start in your Closet

Used clothes stacked on table

Conservation of resources can begin as simply as going through your closet.

Check out how some young Texans took “closet conservation” to the next level by designing sustainable wardrobes, and find out how you can start in your own closet.

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Solar Options for Texas

workers installing solar panels

Texas gets its fair share of sunshine, making it a great place to create electricity using solar electric technology. The practice of installing and using solar energy is saving money and also creating jobs across the state—enough to designate Texas as having the second-largest solar energy growth rate among US states.

Learn more about options for solar power and other financial benefits to see if it could be right for you!

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Filmmakers' Future

Emma Lowe High school third place winner

Summer is coming to an end and another school year is on its way. That means it’s time for a new Take Care of Texas Video Contest for students in grades 6-12!

Before the 2020-21 video contest season opens, here are some updates from a handful of last year’s winners.

Be sure to check out their award-winning videos if you haven't seen them already!

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Share Your Story

Share Your Story

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and you can upload a picture.

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Proud Partners

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If your business, organization, or nonprofit isn't signed up as part of our Proud Partner Program - we encourage you to apply!

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