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Holiday Leftovers, or Food Waste? 

Bread Crust Food Waste

Whether it’s your own small holiday party or a large family dinner at grandma’s house, there will likely be a lot of wasted food this holiday season. Help combat food waste while you Take Care of Texas this season with these helpful food waste tips.

If you have excess food waste, consider composting! To learn more about composting, read the Take Care of Texas "Guide to Yard Care"  (12MB PDF file) or watch the video "How to Start Composting in Your Own Backyard" for instructions on starting a compost pile.

Food Waste Tips

Holiday Lights Tips

Christmas Lights on Tree

Beautiful as they are, holiday lights can strain your energy bill over the course of a season. They also create opportunities to both add to and prevent landfill waste. Check out several options to Take Care of Texas this holiday season!

Lighting Tips

State of Recycling in Texas

Multiple Waste Receptacles

There are many factors affecting recycling in Texas today. Even more, the biggest, most immediate issue is: there is not enough domestic infrastructure in place to process and use recyclable material. Put simply, there is too much supply and not enough demand.

Learn more about recycling from our friends at State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR)!

Recycling in Texas

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Household Trash Bins

Each local government or affiliated regional entity in Texas may have opportunities for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) disposal. To view a list of HHW collection events by county, visit TCEQ’s HHW webpage. You can also check with your local solid waste department.

HHW Safety Practices

5 Facts on Municipal Solid Waste

Scrapyard Trash Pile

TCEQ collects data from landfills and waste processing facilities and compiles them in this report. You can view archived reports back to 2003, but the 2018 report  (3.5 MB PDF file) released this fall is the most recent.

Take a look at the five most interesting facts we gathered for you!

5 MSW Facts

Program Highlight: Small Business & Local Government Assistance

SBLGA Program Offerings Slide

Are you confused about state and federal environmental regulations that affect your business or local government?

The Small Business and Local Government Assistance (SBLGA) program provides free resources and technical assistance to help comply with environmental regulations, without the threat of enforcement.

Learn more about the SBLGA program here! Or on texasenvirohelp.org

Free Compliance Assistance

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