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Guest Expert: State of Recycling in Texas


Texas is positioned to be a recycling powerhouse, but several barriers make that reality difficult. Guest writer Jordan Fengel of the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling explores these challenges and lays out a vision for expanding recycling in the state. If you have questions about recycling in Texas, this blog post has answers.

Recycling in Texas

Free Environmental Compliance Help

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Small Business and Local Government Assistance is TCEQ's first stop for small businesses and local governments who are seeking compliance help with federal and state regulations. Contact experts from TCEQ for complimentary, one-on-one assistance over the phone or on your site.

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Kids Art Contest Begins January 6, 2020!

Kids Art Contest

Kindergarten through fifth grade Texas students are invited to participate in the Take Care of Texas Kids Art Contest. We've even created a fun animated video to explain the rules. Sixteen students from across the state will win a new tablet. The grand prize winner will receive a laptop, a tablet for the teacher, and an invitation to travel to Austin to be honored at the 2020 Environmental Trade Fair.

Celebrate Children's' Art!

Electronics Recycling For All

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Does your organization have a boneyard of cables, old phones, broken computer peripherals, and outdated hardware? Those components are valuable to manufacturers and can be diverted from landfills by recycling. Read our guide to electronics recycling to learn more.

Electronics Recycling

5 Interesting Facts About Texas Waste

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A recent survey of municipal solid waste data reveals some fascinating truths about waste in Texas. Read about our top five most interesting facts, including the role of Hurricane Harvey.

Texas MSW Facts