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Get Smart with the Latest Energy-Saving Technology

Display on Tablet for Smart Home

The use of smart devices is on the rise. From televisions and speakers to lightbulbs and even doorbells, smart devices help make life easier. But did you know you can raise your home’s IQ even more by investing in ENERGY STAR smart technology? These devices do more than just save energy–they provide added convenience, too. Check out the latest smart technology, such as thermostats, appliances, and lighting.

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Pledge to Take Care of Texas

You can do your part to protect our great state. Pledge to Take Care of Texas for a chance to win a $100 gift card, provided by H-E-B! Be sure to choose "Contest" under the "How did you hear about us?" drop down menu. Contest closes August 11, 2019. See the complete rules.

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Must-Have Lesson Plans for Environmental Educators

TCEQ Water Education Lesson Plans

Did you know that we offer FREE environmental education lesson plans? These TEKS-aligned resources cover subjects like water, waste, and recycling, and are written for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Check out the lesson plans and if you want more information and resources aligned to educators, sign up for our quarterly educator newsletter.

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Beneficial Bugs and How to Attract Them

Bumble Bee

Some insects bite, some may sting; many will annoy. Some are even considered destructive to homes, crops, and gardens. But the fact is, most insects have either no direct impact on our landscape and gardens, or they’re beneficial in some way. Learn about which bugs are beneficial, what they do for us, and how to attract them.

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Community Spotlight Shines on Youth Development Program

4-H Water Ambassador

What are teenagers capable of? That’s just what the Texas 4-H Water Ambassadors Program aims to find out. Through the award-winning program, students have the chance to develop leadership skills, give back to their communities, and gain advanced knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and management of water in the state. Find out how students are getting involved in water issues in Texas.

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