Fall 2021-TCEQ Industrial and Hazardous Waste Highlights

I&HW Quarterly Highlights

Fall 2021

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Rule News - Stakeholder Meeting

Virtual Stakeholder Meeting for Alternative Language Public Participation Rule

TCEQ is hosting a virtual stakeholder meeting on November 16, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. CST. The meeting will be held virtually using GoToMeeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to solicit input from all stakeholders on implementation of the recently adopted Alternative Language Public Participation rule package. Specifically, TCEQ is asking for input regarding a plain-language summary for permit applicants and updated alternative language notice requirements.

For more information on signing up for the meeting or submitting written comments open the linked meeting notice document, available in English and Spanish.

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IHW Permit Program Updates

Meet our New Team Leaders

We had two recent updates in our management team for the Section. Brandon Greulich and Chirag Patel are the new Team Leaders for Teams I and II respectively.

Brandon Greulich

Brandon Greulich obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with minors in Geography and Chemistry from Texas State University. Prior to joining the IHW Permits Section, Brandon was the work lead for the Emissions Banking and Trading Program and for the Municipal Solid Waste Groundwater Monitoring Team. 

Chirag Patel


Chirag Patel received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology at the SUNY Plattsburgh. Prior to joining the IHW Permits Section, Chirag worked as a contractor for the TCEQ in the Water Supply Division, Technical Review and Oversight Team.  He joined the IHW Permits Section as a staff member, serving as a project manager, then a technical specialist.

Incinerator Capacity Backlog

We’re aware of the shortfall in incineration capacity and the backlog of hazardous waste needing incineration. EPA issued the following memo dated August 10, 2021 - Regulatory Options for Addressing the Temporary Backlog of Containerized Hazardous Waste Needing Incineration.

We will consider consecutive 30-day extension requests if the request complies with our rules and practices. Please submit a completed and signed 0319 (using the newest version) form for each Texas Waste Code. We’ll need new forms for subsequent requests. Submit them electronically to ihwper@tceq.texas.gov.  

When completing the form, provide proof that you cannot ship your waste off-site in a timely manner, describe alternative options already explored, describe management of waste at the facility, explain any additional protective measures taken, and describe your plans and timeline for removal of waste from the facility. 

CCR Partial Program Approval

Coal stack with Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) abbreviation

The EPA partially approved the TCEQ's Coal Combustion Residuals Program. This approval became effective July 28, 2021, which means initial CCR applications will be due in January 2022. Email ihwper@tceq.texas.gov to set up a pre-application meeting.

***CCR Webinar***

November 18, 2021

Ask Us Your Questions

Join us on Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 1pm Central Time for an overview of the CCR program.  We will cover basic requirements, and answer questions about the registration process.  A link will be posted to the CCR website a week before the event.

Public Notifications for Applications

Update - Effective September 1, 2021, public notification verification documents will be sent to the Waste Permits Division for completion instead of Office of the Chief Clerk. We have updated "Instructions for Public Notice" to reflect this new process.

Need the latest list of interested parties? Contact the Office of the Chief Clerk for a current interested parties list when notifying parties of modifications.

It is a good practice to do this periodically since the list can change at any time.


New IHW Application Forms and Instructions  

pen and paper

Visit the IHW program Forms and Guidance webpage to download the latest applications, forms and guidance. 

New and Updated Permit Application forms include:

Mandatory since May 1, 2021

The use of these new forms is mandatory beginning November 1, 2021

Review our previous newsletters including Renewals Reminders. Don't forget to review the Common IHW Renewal Application Deficiencies. when preparing your application! 

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Connect with IHW!

Telework Continues

When you submit something to us through the mail, we also request submission of an electronic copy at the same time.  You can send us the electronic copy by attaching it to an email and sending it to ihwper@tceq.texas.gov. Please use ‘IHW [Facility Number] – [Submittal Type]’ as the email subject. If files are too large to transmit via email, you may post the electronic copy on our free TCEQ FTPS service (or other online means, such as posting to a web page), and then send an email to ihwper@tceq.texas.gov that contains instructions on how to access it. Remember to complete and submit a Correspondence Cover Sheet (TCEQ-20714) with all Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permit Application and Report Submittals.