Keep Pesky Mosquitoes out of Your Rain Barrel

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Have you seen Cody Johnson's Take Care of Texas PSA? It's on TV channels across the state and you can also watch it on our Facebook page. Check it out and then enter our trivia contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card provided by H-E-B. To be eligible, tell us what color Cody's horse is in the video. Comment with the answer on our contest posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. See the complete contest rules.

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Test Your Energy IQ

Do screen savers save energy? What uses the most electricity in your home? Test your knowledge with our newest quizzes. Energy and electricity play a large part in our daily lives. It’s important to evaluate what you know about conserving electricity and what you can do to be smarter about your personal usage. We’ve got one quiz for each age group: kids, teens, and adults.

Steaming Pot

How to Avoid Heating Up Your Kitchen This Summer

Most of us don’t enjoy sweating over a hot stove in the summer. Not only is it uncomfortable, but using your stove or oven during the Texas heat makes your air conditioner work harder, resulting in higher energy costs. Check out this article for delicious recipe ideas that use slow cookers, microwaves, grills, and other alternatives to a conventional oven or stove. Keep your family fed while keeping cooling costs down.

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Lake at Sunset

What You Don't Know About Watersheds

Every inch of the United States is part of a watershed. In fact, all land drains into a lake, river, stream, or other water body and directly affects its quality. Because we all live on the land, we all live in a watershed—thus watershed condition is important to everyone. Learn more about watersheds and how to take care of them.

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Rain Barrel

How to Keep Pesky Mosquitoes out of Your Rain Barrel

Are you one of the many Texans who use rain barrels at home? Or maybe you’ve never invested in one because you’re worried about mosquitoes, stinky water, clogs, or other issues. Like most things around your home, rain barrels need a little regular attention to keep working smoothly. Check out the solutions in this article to maintain your rain barrel.

Maintain Your Barrel