Is it Illegal to Pick Bluebonnets?

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Congratulations to the winners of the Take Care of Texas Video Contest! They worked hard and produced creative videos that help their fellow Texans learn about our environment. Thank you to our contest partner, Waste Management of Texas, Inc., who generously provided the prizes! We'd also like to thank all the teachers and students who participated. Check out the winning videos.

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Is it Illegal to Pick Bluebonnets?

Bluebonnets with Sun

There’s a rumor going around Texas that it’s illegal to pick bluebonnets, the state flower. Anyone who has spent at least one spring season here has probably heard this story. But is there any truth to it? Visit our website to get the answer to the bluebonnet mystery.

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What to Do This Spring in Texas

Kids Playing Outside

We all know how fortunate we are to live in Texas, particularly in the springtime. Our spring can start as early as late February. So while our friends who live in the north are trudging through blizzards, we’re putting on shorts and sunglasses and heading outdoors. Texas' natural resources are so plentiful that the hardest thing may be choosing what to do. Visit our blog to learn about exciting ways to spend your spring days.

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Scrap and Used Tires Find New Life

Used Tires

Have you ever wondered what happens to your used tires when you buy new ones? If they are not disposed of properly, they create breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and contribute to the problem of illegal tire dumping. Find out how scrap and used tires are being re-purposed and given new life.

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Don't Mess with Texas Trash-Off

Don't mess with Texas Trash-Off

Did you know that about 435 million pieces of visible litter accumulate on Texas roadways each year? But if every person in Texas picked up just two pieces of trash every month, our highways would be litter-free in just one year. You can be a part of the solution by volunteering with the Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off®—the single largest one-day cleanup event in the state.